My greatest fear is what I hear and see in the news. The headlines terrify me. 


Even the right-wing New York Daily News thinks Trump and Palin are stupid. Trust me that I pretty much never agree with anything in the Daily News. But this time, we are on the same (front) page.

I cribbed the picture from DC Montreal’s post titled “TRUMP AND PALIN: CARTOONISTS DREAM COME TRUE.”  Read it and weep. Or maybe you won’t be able to stop laughing. It is funny in a horrible way.

If you stop to really think about it, it’s also horrifying. Note that we have skipped right past alarming into a far darker place where we can glimpse a dystopian future we believed could never happen here. Today we live under the shadow of a future in which two morons stand at the helm of the U.S. ship of state. Takes my breath away. It is a national nightmare. Fear and trembling.

Things aren’t bad enough? We have to dig a bigger pit into which our entire nation can jump? Good grief. How low have we all sunk?


The Changing Seasons: January 2016

I have spent the majority of this month in Arizona … an entirely different climate than New England. It was winter there. Which means rainy and — for the southwest — cool. Sometimes a bit chilly at night (which the natives called “cold” and which caused Garry and I to snicker). When the rain ended, the sun came out … brilliantly bright against the vast blue sky.


It’s Big Sky country — a land of mountains and deserts. Palm trees and high prairie. Ironwood and saguaro. It’s where so many of the western movies we love were filmed. It holds a deeply symbolic place in American iconography.

ARIZONA – January 4 – January 16


We came home a couple of days ago and got our first snow the following evening. But this month, it’s mostly Arizona with a taste of wintry New England.

Two very different weather zones and even more different psychological landscapes.

Winter in New England has just begun, has only flexed its frosty fingers. But maybe we’ll get lucky. Maybe it won’t be so bad this time. Maybe.


This is the second year of Cardinal Guzman’s year-long project, The Changing Seasons. It’s not a challenge, not a competition. It’s just a way that we can show through our photography the way the world — one particular piece of our world — looks throughout twelve months of the year and all four seasons.

If you are interested in participating, please check out The Changing Seasons 2016, sponsored by Cardinal Guzman. I have found it interesting. Inspiring.

The rules are a bit different this year, requiring only one picture that to you most represents the particular month and season in your corner of the planet Earth. I’m stretching the rules because I’ve got thousands of new pictures from out west. But after this month, I promise to be better … or at least more compliant!



What is your favorite piece of art? It doesn’t have to be famous.

That would be a really hard decision. I love art and I have a lot of it in the house. Antiques of all kinds, modern paintings, mostly originals. A few bronzes.


turquoise - oil 3

Jewelry. I’m sure, to no one’s surprise, a lot of photographs. A couple of prints that speak to me. Artifacts — old tools and fossils — that are art to me.

What made you smile today?

The dogs are so very glad to have us home they are being super cute. I mean, they are always cute, but they are in cute overdrive.


Otherwise, we’re binge-watching Scandal. The series. It’s on Netflix. It’s not really funny “ha-ha.” More funny “bizarre” and frequently very witty. It is making me laugh. I recommend it, if you are looking for something that has enough plot twists to occasionally be unpredictable. Hard to find that, these days.

Which place do you recommend as a Must-See? Please state which country, state, or province.


  • Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Arizona, USA.
  • New York city. You just gotta go at least once.

Complete this sentence: When I was younger I used to….

be younger. And all that implies. Spry. My hair wasn’t gray and my breasts were real. I didn’t have hardly any after-market replacement parts.


My body has a fair amount of mileage on it, but oddly, my brain is doing fine. I have a bad case of senior ADD, but when I focus, I think I’m actually better than I was. Most strange, I don’t mind being older. I just wish we were also wealthier and healthier.

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