A stump speech is a standard campaign speech used by someone running for public office. The term derives from the early American custom in which candidates campaigned from town to town and stood upon a sawed off tree stump to deliver their speech.

Stump Speech – Political Dictionary

Two candidates. One like no candidate we’ve seen before and I pray we’ll never see again. Stumping through America. Fascinating in a terrible way. Like a demonic dance of death played out before television cameras. Orange Head will not make the world a better place. It will NOT be great. If he got to run the place, we’d be lucky to come out of it no worse than we went in.

Election - 2016_election_banner_1Hillary would try to fix it. Can she? Would the opposition allow her to fix anything? I don’t know, but there’s at least a small chance that something might be made better. I think she knows what better is. More than I can say for the other one.

What a clown show American politics has become.

Turn on your TV. Watch them stump for election. Watch your hopes and dreams get stomped in the process.


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  2. I have a blog so go check it out. I think that ALL political systems are corrupt nowadays. 4 million more people voted for Clinton than for Trump, yet Trump won. How can the college votes system be fair?

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  4. This certainly will be an election to remember!


  5. It is honestly terrifying what is going on in the current election, it is kind of funny that the largest reason that no one votes is the rational ignorance effect, the idea that people think that there votes do not matter, will be in staggering number this year. As a college student who is majoring in political science I can tell you that a majority of my peers would love to do something with the voter turnout among our age group but we are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who we should vote for in the elections. You know it is a sad day in what is supposed to be a democracy when the best thing people can do is choose the “lesser of two evils.” That should not even be in the same sentence with anything that has to do with voting for our next President or any official office. It is honestly one of the saddest moments in our history with the polarization in congress and the overall theme of arrogance and ignorance between politicians in the U.S.


    • I wish I could get my own granddaughter to vote. She doesn’t see that any of this has anything to do with her. She is so terribly wrong. Of for that matter, get my son to actually read something about the candidates rather than getting all his information from other peopole or the Internet. You’re right, it is very sad. More, it is very frightening to realize in how few hands the fate of the nation ultimately rests. It shouldn’t be this way … but we’ve seen how it went in the U.K and Columbia, just for two recent examples. And we have always had low participation rates in election in this country. I had thought — hoped — this election might be different. But it isn’t.


    • I wish I could get my own granddaughter to register and vote. She just doesn’t see what any of this has to do with her. She could not be more wrong, but her generation — your generation — seem to hold the strange believe that they are living outside of history. Even my son, who should know better, has not bothered to get any information on candidates above what he hears from other people or sees on the internet. Is is indeed sad. I look at what happening with Brexit in the U.K. and now Columbia … and wonder what will happen here? Our low voting turnout has been a problem for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

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      • It really has been a growing problem, and I hope that soon enough the trend of political tragedy will be able to get my generation off of their buts and realize that we have the power to stop or start revolutions and trends. We would have been able to stop the brexit from ever happening and that the U.K. system won’t collapse onto itself, and hopefully we won’t let this beautiful country rot from the inside out. I can not fathom the idea that people actually think their vote doesn’t matter and still asks; How did this happen?


  6. I’d stump for Michelle Obama’s presidential candidacy. I have a friend who’ll also stump with me. We’ll harmonize our version of “Michelle” on the campaign trail.


  7. I’m not an American but my impression has been that siding with Trump is to desperately want something different as the thought is there will be no change with Hilary.

    I wonder if they are going to try to make all future elections as entertaining as this one. Kim Kardashian for president!


  8. American politics is more like a comedy central show right now. Trump should be trumped. -.-


  9. I really can’t comment, sorry. But you do have our attention.


  10. And although it is no business of ours, Mr. Swiss gives me an up to date daily. For the last two days it is quite repetitive with a negative tone in the voice Looks like the tangerine man might win (actually his political descriptions are not so detailed, but it would be my idea of orange head).


    • I get a headache when I think about it. All I hope is that, as happened in 1964, when people actually have to make a choice in the anonymity of the voting booth, they use their heads for something others than a place to park their hats.

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  11. HRC needs to remember that among the people who will vote for her are many who don’t like her at all. She needs to maintain the high road; she needs to take a cue from Bernie and focus on the future and not attack Orange Head. She needs to be classy. She needs to compensate for the fact that she’s female (sorry, but it’s true) and doesn’t appear “presidential” to many voters. She needs to remember how seriously she is mistrusted by a constituency that feels it has been blackmailed into voting for her. She might be great, but many of her voters don’t see it and feel they’ve been bullied into this situation. It’s a horrible election, and scary. I know you like her and I’m attempting a position of resigned neutrality, but many people really hate her; it’s just they hate Orange Head more. Awful times.

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    • An election to remember because we’ll never be able to forget it. Hillary has not run a good campaign. She’s smarter than this, but she isn’t really a people person. She’s better with information and reports and meetings and such. She could make a good president, but she’s a poor candidate. Bill, on the other hand, was a born campaigner. He was at his best meeting, greeting, and shmoozing.

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    • I live outside the US but I think those who find fault with this lady are just not fair. They who find fault are not faultless themselves. No one should talk as if they were perfect. She is human like every other person with strengths and weaknesses. Let the angel be the first to throw a stone at her.


      • It’s not about “finding fault.” It’s about being able to vote for a candidate in whom the individual voter has faith to lead the country in a good direction. It’s not personal.


      • No one is flawless, but if you seek office at such a high level, I believe you need to be able to stand up to rigorous judgement. It’s not like being anyone else. You want to have the power of life and death over a nation. You should, at least, be able to stand up to close scrutiny. That IS entirely fair. And I like Hillary very much, but she has not been a great candidate and hasn’t run a good campaign.

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        • I totally agree with you. Yet, I find not much fairness in digging up the past and concluding that because someone has made this or that mistake in their life they will always make such or similar mistakes. To me the candidates should be scrutinized on what they stand for now and how they will handle situations if they come up. Human beings are dynamic. They learn and grow. The American people should be seeking to know if the candidates have grown or they are on the same spot. Will they do better today than they did yesterday. Not being in the US and not being a US citizen I am not versed with all the aspects of the campaign but the few key times I have listened to Hillary she has enunciated values for which I admire the American society. I think she comes across as a strong, confident and competent woman who will work to bring the world together not build walls between people. This is honest: I do not know what those who criticize this woman want from her. She offers her best; and the best of America also I think. Well, I know you understand. I am just making my little voice heard. Thanks for being patient with me.


          • I agree. And don’t agree. Both things have validity. The past AND the present. I don’t think you can make sense of the present or have any sense of what the future might bring without taking the past into account.

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            • It’s normal if we share some views and differ on some points. What I really mean is I see a little too much emphasis on the past. As someone has said, even God cannot change the past. Only the future can be shaped. If people were to be tied to their past, the thrilling rags-t-riches stories that abound in the American history would not be there. Yes, history can repeat itself; but if someone has learned from history and is ready to take measures to ensure that negative history does not repeat itself, then coming back to it day in day out does not show seriousness to me. Leadership has many aspects – fixing the economy, raising the level of life, maintaining the peace, ensuring internal and external security, bringing down crime wave etc. Winston Churchill was considered a dunce in school but he turned out to be one of the best leaders the world has had. There are many others. While it is good to look at the past for a better management of the future, stress on what’s past should not be too much except it has to do with habits which have lived with the individual for long and do not show signs of ever changing.


              • To put it simply, I don’t agree. Yes, some stuff is very old and meaningless. But we aren’t judging candidates on their records in grade school. We are judging them on their records as adults in politics. That IS legitimate AND relevant.

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                • Okay. We could leave it as such. I know judgement is a hard thing influenced by our filters, likes and dislikes. I surely enjoyed airing my views on this issue and hope they did not offend anybody.


                  • No. Not offended. Just don’t agree. History IS relevant. If it isn’t relevant, what exactly IS relevant? Do we just judge people by what they say right now, as if they’ve been newly hatched from an egg? We are — all of us — products of history. Our personal history, the history of the places we’ve lived. Our parents’ histories. I believe that a big part of the problems of today are because so many people know nothing about what happened before, so we make the same mistakes over and over and never learn anything.

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                    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Marilyn. My problem is belaboring a point. The issue of Benghazi went on for months and even after the Hillary testimony before the House Commission, there are still people in America who want it to continue to be a key issue in this campaign. It seems they are hungry to see some unexpected fact come up that will floor Clinton. Then comes emails. Americans will dig and dig and make all types of statements just to destroy a candidate. Some of you call Clinton dishonest and cannot be trusted. What has she done to earn this? What I am asking for is fairness. I do not sat the past is not important but we be fair to others when we look at their past and judge them. When we judge history we do not look at the happenings alone, we look at all the factors involved, the context, background, motivation, influences, and other factors. I do agree that history is important but we must not exaggerate the stress we put on the past. Anything that is exaggerated losses its taste. Of course, not all Americans subscribe to this exaggerated scrutiny of people past actions and so I only address myself to those who do.


                    • Yes, that’s true. But those people are not looking to understand the candidate. They just hate Hillary and nothing is going to change their minds. I like her and have since she was the First Lady. And I think her history is relevant. And should be. It’s her CV.


                    • Thank you Marilyn. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this election. I live thousands of kilometers away from the US and am not an American citizen but everybody in the world is connected somehow to your country positively or negatively and so what concerns the US concerns the world. That is why millions of people around the world are following this election very closely. It is your thing but also the world’s thing. So we hope you Americans do understand when we become too involved in the debate. Thank you for the friendly discussion and may your day be bright!


                    • Yep. Until we can predict the future, we have to look at everyone’s record. I think we all look at our own lives and see where we turned the wrong corner time and again and we seek to find out why. I agree with you, Marilyn; one of the biggest shocks of my teaching career was in my final class when I learned that all my students knew about Martin Luther King was that he was a “great man like Gandhi”. They didn’t know what MLK had done OR what Gandhi had done. They were just a bunch of ignorant parrots and they were satisfied with that. History matters.

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    • Martha, I agree with you on almost everything.

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  12. I must admit Orange Head has me watching Network News regularly again….just to catch his latest shtick.

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