I love the word. Bewildered. It suggests more than confusion or perplexity. It suggests being lost, not in the physical sense, but mentally gone walkabout.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I have been more or less bewildered my whole life. I was always convinced — until recently — that around the next bend in the road, that which had always puzzled me would finally come clear. As I approach with appalling swiftness my 70th birthday, I realize that my state of bewilderment and perplexity is permanent. It’s what being human is about.

I was born knowing nothing. I learned a lot of stuff, but the more I have learned, the less I know. It’s the human condition. Or at least, my human condition.

Waiter? Bring the wine list!

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  1. Ha! Wine doesn’t make me less befuddled, but it certainly helps me not care about it. Cheers, Marilyn!


  2. The more we experience in life the more perplexed/bewildered we become I think. The world changes, the once familiar not so which just leads to more bewilderment I think!


    • As much as the world changes, we change more, I think. We begin to recognize that “truth” is not as etched in stone as we thought … and maybe what we were absolutely sure we knew was every so slightly … wrong.


  3. Waiter? More wine. Let’s talk more about this…


  4. Sounds like wisdom to me as well. I hope you have a wonderful 70th birthday, and an 80th birthday.


  5. Yep. I used to know bunches about many things; now I’m not so sure.

    Welcome to the seventh decade! 🙂

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  6. I welcome the words of wisdome!


  7. Bewitched, bewildered, and befuddled… how I go through life. ^_^

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  8. Sounds like wisdom to me.

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