A paper is just a paper unless everyone abides by it.Β 

Yesterday, I had arranged for Shawn Perry (Clear Vision Construction) to fix our front door. He wasn’t doing the work himself, but sent two guys to do it. The quality of the work is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe (or at least, I don’t want to believe) that he has actually seen this atrocity personally, but he says “his guys sent him pictures and it looks OK to him.”

So. Here is a set of photographs. This is less than 24 hours after the work was deemed “finished” and complete. I called him one more time to tell him this was his last opportunity to come over, look at it, and do the right thing. He would not take my call. I left a message which said: “I’ve given you every chance to do right by me, but you have refused to even take a look at the job. Be it on your own head from this point on.”

The name: Clear Vision Construction, Owner: Shawn Perry. Maybe find a different guy.

Maybe Shawn is capable — but this is work done by his company and it is not merely unprofessional. It isn’t even amateur. It is horrendous. His workmen, his responsibility. It’s a pity he refused to make an attempt come back and do it properly. A shame. IF you insist on hiring this company, be VERY sure you have every detail of the job written clearly and accurately. His “words” are empty. I’ve had work done in my home many times over the years. I have NEVER seen anything this atrocious.

You can write the paper and sign the paper. But in the end, the other party has to live up to his part of the deal. I’m sure there’s a clever way to say this, but I’m not into “clever me” mode at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Last year my wife Rose decides we need a new fence. She finds a guy. Interviews him. He looks OK. First day he comes I see his tools on the ground. They are all rusty?? Like they’ve never been used? This mystifies me. But she gives him $3000 bucks up front – the VERY thing you never do. Next day he has all new tools. OH OH. Now I’m starting to really worry. Building a fence is a simple thing if you’ve done it before. Right? But it’s Rose’s thing so I back off. (I had told her we don’t need a new fence) The fence becomes a mess. The lumber is cheap. Seconds. Inexcusable. One day I grab one of the posts that is supposed to cemented in – and pull it out with one hand. Then I notice that the boards are crooked – they aren’t even level! This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing – or doesn’t care. Rose confronts him – wants her money back. She tries chasing the guy in the courts. This costs her more money and time. She should have listened to me. But all he had to do was build the fence properly. Sad.


    • I am bad at finding the right people to hire. I tend to trust people when I shouldn’t. That being said, I think I may have finally learned the lesson. This shouldn’t be an emotional thing. You pick someone with good references and you check the references. You never pay it all up front (I didn’t) and you get the details in writing (I didn’t). I lost $350. I could have been much worse. Some of us are NOT good at this.


  2. There’s a saying that goes something like this: ‘A chain is only as good as its weakest link’. A company is only as good as it’s worst workman. Atrocious work – you have every right to be very cross.

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  3. GO Spike!!! πŸ™‚



    • Thanks. I think I’m going to order a door from our local lumber people and my son and his friend will install it. I really should have checked this out more thoroughly. The price of new doors — made to order — is less than this bastard charged me to do nothing.


      • I agree the ‘work’ and ‘service’ was appalling. Have you tried doing something similar on Facebook? People need to be warned about such creeps. Here in Aus most of our timbers are realy hard hardwood and we rarely get the sort of damage to doors and frames you have… but then again we (well, i don’t) don’t get snow either! πŸ˜‰



  4. Atrocious work! Naming and shaming is the way to go but is there a Consumer organisation you can contact? Either a government one or independent?. I know from reading our Australian independent consumer magazine Choice that there are similar organisations in other countries but cannot remember the name of the US one.


  5. Do you have a Better Business Bureau you can report him to? We did that with a roofer. He was told to get it right–and he damn sure did!

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  6. Something like this (well, actually not as bad as this) happened to friends of mine and they put up a really big sign at their front gate with a photo of the work and something along the lines of “(contractor) please come and remedy the terrible job you’ve made of our bathroom.” I think they put his name in big letters and added his phone number. It worked.


  7. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I’ve heard other scary stories as well. Is there any recourse for you? Someone you can call to oversee what has “not” been done? There must be someone these companies have to honour, city hall, some oversight somewhere????


    • One of the things about living in the country is that supervision on this stuff is pretty limited. Short of suing him, which i could do, but for $350, is it worth it? I already stopped the second check. I think making sure everybody in the neighborhood has seen the pictures will do the job nicely.

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      • Perfect! I used to watch a lot of Mike on tv, he’s a Canadian contractor pulling the plug on this kind of thing. There are a lot of fly by night companies in larger cities and he’s highlighting their jobs, the damage and who will rectify it because of the amazing costs involved. One couple could have been killed because of the disasterous electrical which could have blown up their home. another couple paid 500. K and he had to redo the entire house because it could have collapsed on them at any moment in time.


  8. And that must have cost a small fortune to do, too. I don’t blame you for being upset. I hope he gets on it and makes things right.


  9. I hope you have some ‘before’ pictures to prove that these are the ‘after’ pictures! It looks like a terrible job!


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