I cannot begin to express how tired I am of winter. I was doing okay. Even through the last two nor’easters, I was alright. I figured after two big storms in less than a week and a half, we were done and spring was going to pop right out of the cold earth.

Not exactly.

This was a huge storm. We didn’t get the high winds that they got along the coast and down on the cape, but we got about two feet of snow and it’s pretty heavy. Because we didn’t get the wind, the snow is heavy in the trees and has not fallen off at all.

The trees are all bent over and I wonder how many of them are going to break. They are obviously stressed.


Photo: Garry Armstrong

The dogs — at least The Duke and Bonnie — have been enjoying it. Gibbs is not much of a weather dog. He’s a “lay in the sun all day” kind of dog. He has a spot on a rock in the front of the house and he has been known to just lay there for hours soaking up the sun. So snow and ice … he doesn’t hate it, but he isn’t thrilled about it either.

Gibbs enjoying the snow

Bonnie, though, loves snow. Always has. She was a Halloween puppy and her whole upbringing was during one of our worst winters. I think her earliest memories are bounding around the yard in the snow while mom stands there in her night-gown, boots, overcoat, gloves, and hat begging her to do her thing so mom can go back to bed. Three in the morning in a foot of snow with a howling wind was not the optimum time for puppy training. But it got done and Bonnie was left with a genuine passion for snow.

Digging out

Duke probably never saw snow until he moved here, but he has been having a lot of fun with it, finally. Once he decided that cold feet wasn’t such a big deal after all.

Meanwhile, it looks like another universe out there. I have never seen snow so heavy lying on the trees and not falling off. Usually, the snow falls within an hour after the snow stops, but when darkness fell, it was still up there in the trees.

29 thoughts on “IT WAS A HELL OF A STORM

  1. Wow. Our snow pack in the mountains is only 44%. Our aquifers are down to 70%. You have to think, Marilyn, your well won’t run dry. I’m wondering about Montana — the Missouri River basin is going to flood this spring and probably the Mississippi, too. Good thing we have a president who’s accurately identified water and is equipped to deal with natural disasters! 🙂


  2. I can assure you that you aren’t the only one who’s tired of the not-stop battering this winter has delivered. It’s been bad out here too – but definitely not to the over-the-top degree you have suffered down East. It’s been absolutely brutal. When is it going to end??! Now we fear flooding from the massive snowpack.

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    • We’ve had three big storms in 11 days. I don’t know if it’s a record, but it’s bad enough for me. There’s one more brewing. I don’t know if we’ll get it or not yet … too soon to tell, but we are exhausted.


  3. We’re getting the tail end of that storm today, but so far the winds are mild. I just hope the heaviest snow holds off until I get home from work tonight. Actually, I hope they hold off until after Cody’s evening walk – she likes snow, but not snowstorms.


    • I just took a look — I didn’t know whether or not we’d been plowed (yes, we were, sort of ) — and it looks like the moon or Saturn or something. I’m waiting for the trees to start falling. Oh where oh where is spring?

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  4. Just amazing! Loving the photos while thanking my lucky stars i have not had to live in them for months on end!

    Would send you our heat if it were possible to over the internet thingy! 🙂

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