I’m getting ready to leave on a weekend trip. I am not a relaxed traveler. I have never been able to throw a few things into a bag at the last minute and head for the door. I’m more of a planner. And a worrier. Starting a week before I leave.

In my defense, I have to make sure that all the clothes my husband and I want to take are clean. I also travel with a mini medicine chest and I have to make sure nothing in there has expired. I haven’t traveled in a long time, so this time, almost everything had expired which required a trip to the pharmacy.

See why I have to plan ahead? Way ahead?

Members of our group performing

This trip is not just an ordinary pleasure trip. This trip requires another level of planning and obsessing. We are traveling with our audio theater group ( to perform a 90-minute show on Sunday at Youngstown University in Youngstown, Ohio.

Eight of us are traveling together so the trip will also be a fun social experience for all of us. It’s the first time we’re traveling a long distance to the venue. It will also be the largest audience we’ve ever had. It’s a big deal for us!

Because we are going to perform, my usually laid back, easy going husband is joining me in my packing panic. He has to bring all kinds of equipment for our performance. So he’s packing a whole suitcase full of wires and chargers and connectors, two computers, two telephone handsets for sound effects as well as his own scripts and headphones.

Some of Tom’s equipment

In addition, I had to fit six carpet samples squares and two square pieces of foam into my suitcase. Why? The actors need these to buffer the sound on their music stands when they turn the pages on their scripts. Amazingly, I had just enough room.

Carpet samples in my suitcase

Now we’ve got everything packed except for a few last minute items. We go online to check in and get our boarding passes. Tom gets his boarding pass but for some reason, I can’t get one. The computer says I have to get my boarding pass in person at the airport. That’s annoying. We call Delta and the representative on the phone can’t figure it out either. He gets a message that says that I have to check in tomorrow due to government regulations! No idea what that means. Very strange. I hope this won’t be a hassle at check-in. Another thing to worry about!

Traffic is terrible going from our house in Connecticut to La Guardia airport in Long Island, New York. Especially on a Friday. So we’re leaving extra early so we don’t have to bite our nails if we hit traffic en route. At least that’s the plan. Another way to try to minimize anxiety.

Once we get to the airport on time, I get my boarding pass without incident and we check in our bag, then I can relax and have fun. I can start to enjoy my friends. And look for a Cinnabon or an Aunt Annie’s Pretzels, my guilty treats when I fly!

So, here’s hoping for a routine flight, an eventful, exciting trip, and a successful performance!


  1. I used to love travel when I was younger. My job usually included lots of travel. I had a “go bag” at my desk for all emergencies. I especially loved travel during my rag top days.
    Now, I dislike even going around the corner to our local deli.


    • Garry – I’m with you about traveling. Driving to New York City can often take 2 hours in traffic when it should be an easy 1 hour 15 minute commute. We don’t even like to do that very often anymore. But when there’s somewhere exciting to go or something exciting to do, I’m in! Part of the reason I moved to where I live now was that it was so easy to get into the city. In my early years here, we went into the city at least once a week. Now it’s once every month or so.


  2. Had the same problem going from Canada into States. Husband got his online boarding pass I had to go to counter. Seems I had been picked for random screening. We had to go in separate security lines and I was forever as there was only one person and the woman in front of me had a dead cell phone in her carry on and they wanted her to charge it to see that it worked, no charger. She said it was broken.
    Finally got through.


    • There always seems to be a glitch somewhere in your travel plans. This one is not major and a real live person in the airport is all we need to straighten things out. But it’s a nuisance and just creates more things to worry about.


  3. Ellin–I am so excited for you and the group! I hope this is the start of many traveling trips to perform. By that time you will be a pro in packing and Delta will welcome you with open arms. 😀 Have fun!


    • The member of our group who had to do all the logistics is not happy about the prospect of doing another road trip! She said it took 62 emails back and forth between several people to come up with a date for our performance. We had to clear the date with the 8 members of our company, the university and the theater. ANd tht was only one of hundreds of details she had to deal with! So who knows if there will be more trips in our future!

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  4. Ellin, I hope it all goes well. I’m never able to get excited about a trip until I’m on the road. I’m always consumed by thinking about what needs to be done and only relax when I am on the plane.


    • Totally agree! Once all the logistics are done and I’m on the plane, I can relax and have a good time. This trip had even more pre trip angst than usual because of all the equipment we had to remember to bring and figure out where to pack!

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