BRING BACK THE GAP – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Gap The Gap had the best jeans ever. Although I loved the cut of the button-down version, sometimes one didn't have the time to hustle the buttons, so I generally had to settle for zippers. Zippers are quicker. They have been in the process of closing many (in some areas, almost all … Continue reading BRING BACK THE GAP – Marilyn Armstrong


School shootings with multiple victims have become an everyday news story in the United States. It's a boiler-plate political issue with second amendment activists led by the NRA holding fast to their rights -- that is, the right to make a lot of money selling guns to everyone and anyone, anywhere. Fighting passionately to keep … Continue reading BOLD, NEW OPTIONS TO PREVENT MASS SHOOTINGS – Garry Armstrong


Women are known for their love of shoes and bags. Many women buy shoes for specific outfits and switch bags frequently depending on what they’re wearing. I’m not one of those women. For everyday, I have one black bag for fall and winter and another bag, either blue or beige, for spring and summer. I … Continue reading IDIOCYNCRATIC DRESSING – BY ELLIN CURLEY

RIVER FLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong

Wildflowers by the Rivers-FOTD – 06/10/19 After Owen chopped down the meadow behind our house, we decided to go out and take a few hundred pictures. I really don't think we can take any fewer. It was a lovely day. Warm, but not too warm, with just enough breeze to smell the freshly cut grass … Continue reading RIVER FLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong