I kept wondering why I never saw a bluebird. Ever. Not here or in New York. And I know they live here. But this morning I got up and looked out my back windows and the deck was full of bluebirds!

A good sign for Thanksgiving, isn’t it? Here are some of them.

Two bluebirds

Bluebird and Chickadee

And the Chickadee is about to take off!

Bluebird on the fence rail

12 thoughts on “BLUE BIRDS OF HAPPINESS – Marilyn Armstong

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    • The Blue Bunting is solid blue, even a little darker than the Bluebird. I’ve seen lots of pictures of bluebirds but never seen one in the feather before. You always see them in children’s books, but a flock on my deck was very lovely.


  2. How lovely, what a nice surprise. I’ve never seen one. I don’t think we have them but we do have the lovely blue fairy-wrens. I used to see them in the garden sometimes in Geeveston and since arriving here have been delighted to spot some hopping around in the back garden. As soon as I get a chance I’m going to start doing some backyard bird watching as we have a lot of trees in the garden.


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