Owen has clocked us. Whereas I used to have one grandmother clock in the dining room that I got from my first husband as a second anniversary gift — received while I was in the hospital during my long, long recovery from spinal surgery — which no longer ran, I now have four chiming clocks (one grandfather and three windup wall clocks) and one international clock which shows the time pretty much everywhere in the world.

The grandfather clock was doing very well, but recently stopped running. It probably needs a cleaning and that requires someone who knows how to do it. There aren’t that many people who know how to service big chiming clocks. Three of the four wall clocks chime, as long as Owen remembers to wind them. The world clock doesn’t chime and we have a plastic imitation clock that Garry got as an award at some point during his working life that doesn’t chime and also doesn’t keep time, but his name is engraved on it so it has a place on a shelf.

Downstairs, Owen has at least 10, maybe 12 chiming clocks ranging from grandmother-size to big grandfather-size. And a few chiming wall clocks. When his clocks start to ring, it sounds like a cathedral. I rather like the sound, though not everyone enjoys the noise. It’s more or less music to my ears.

Today, ALL the 8-day windup clocks stopped running at the same time. Owen is still wandering around the house winding and resetting them. There is no point to this story. It’s just that I found it funny that all the clocks stopped running at the same time.

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  1. That must be quite the clanging when all those clocks chime.


  2. This is VERY odd and I would probably have thoughts as to why? It may well be a sign for something. Maybe you’ll find out why – or maybe not!
    When I was with my first husband, we bought a French ‘grandfather’ clock, huge, very beautifully carved casing, beautiful chime – we had it restored and paid a lot of money for it. Then it stopped and although I begged for it to be repaired, Ex didn’t want to know about it. I divorced him and took only the merest necessary things from my former life with me; I just wanted to be away. He did two things immediately: He took the cookery class for men which I offered him over many years (all buddies of his gymn group) and he brought the clock for repair.
    Hope your clocks are tolling again very soon.


  3. Some people might say that was some kind of sign but I guess it might be as simple as they were all wound up on the same day originally. Kind of doubt that though. . I’d love to hear all the clocks chiming but I wouldn’t like to be Owen if he ever has to move them out. Clocks are a lot harder to pack than dolls.


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