Because most of us are rational, we not only loathe the guy running our government. We also really want to know how he became such a terrible person.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rs-trump-mud-fight-2-rgb.jpgEveryone knows people — some of us are those people — who grew up in an abusive home. Desperate poverty. Rich and privileged, lower, middle, or undefined class. One of many children. An only child. Male. Female. Other.

Most of us turned out okay or at least human. Even those who have (had) (still have) a lot of issues were never completely loathsome. All of us had a few good points. Someone thought we were okay.

But then, there’s Donald J. Trump.

So I thought I’d run a little survey.

His father was a pretty ugly guy in his own right. A racist slumlord. He obviously passed his beliefs to his kid. Yet other people have terrible parents and they don’t grow up just like them. Rich and poor, children can grow into decent people, no matter how they began. What made the difference? If it wasn’t a contract with the devil? Is he one of the ones who went to the crossroads to sign a contract? A television renewal failure?What happened to turn a rich asshole into the pit of evil?

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  1. It was sickening to hear some of his interview with Bob Woodward. He absolutely knew in February that the coronavirus was going to be a terrible thing and decided to lie to the public. It was a conscious decision. It cost tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of jobs. He is pure evil, running the government for his own personal gain.


  2. Some adults never seem to grow out of childhood, at least emotionally. I think Trump is one such adult.


  3. There is actual evidence that some people are just ‘born bad’. Before you start throwing the rotten tomatoes and yelling “FAKE NEWS!”…let me explain. There are psychological conditions – sociopath, psychopath which come from having no conscience (apparently). They might know right from wrong, but those kind of people don’t CARE. It’s all about them, their sense of ‘justice and fair play” (which is twisted obviously). Trump has so many mental illness symptoms, he might just be a walking dictionary of terms. He’s also a narcissist, which is no shock. I’m going with that waste of skin was just born bad. He slithered out of his mother’s womb and from that point going forward (apparently) was the nasty mess we all know and loathe. To me (opinion only) he’s the best example I’ve ever seen for legalized abortion.


    • I believe you. The is a strong belief among psychoanalysts (the M.D. ones, not psychologists) that much more of our behavior is linked to DNA than not. How we express it varies, but the “pushes and shoves” from our psyche are not environmental, but part of our DNA helix. Anyone who has been a mother knows that the behavior of their newborn infants can be dramatically different from other siblings — which can’t be the result of environment. These wee ones haven’t been around long enough to get enough environment to react to.

      But — even with wicked parents, a child does NOT have to grow up just like them. We do have free will too. You don’t have to follow in the path of your parents. An inclination to “become rich” can be part of growing organizations that help other people. You can use your power to change people to be a doctor or a serial killer. Or, if you are very lucky, both.

      Environment counts too — especially education — but strong parents with a solid beliefs in right and wrong are a big help as are the books you read — or don’t read. Obviously, we get the bad ones too. The people like Trump who take the path of least resistance and thus become little doppelgangers of ther rotten old dad. That we ELECTED him or for that matter, somehow managed to NOMINATE him is a whole other issue. It’s a whole generation or two or three or us gone oh so utterly wrong.

      Yes, indeed. There ARE people who should never have been born and he is definitely one of them.

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  4. Raised by his father and mentored by Roy Cohen, the notorious sidekick of Senator McCarthy, Trump was surrounded by hate and treachery and lies. Where his mother stood in this group, I have no idea. She may have just let the men take over, or she was a part of it. However, Trump had the choice to change and he didn’t.

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  5. Possibly too much inbreeding? I’m sure he was born that way, and then a privileged but unloved upbringing made everything that much worse. He reminds me of the snotty 12-year-old who used to live next door to me and whose mother paid absolutely no attention to his bad behavior, when she was around, which was rare.

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    • I figure he probably started off bad and was never encouraged to be anything else. In fact, I’ll bet he was encouraged to be the slimeball that he is.

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    • Cordelia, I worked with people like this. None as bad as DONZO – but they fitted the rich, entitled, whining, sexist, INTOLERANT, spineless and utterly lacking in compassion traits that identify the White House squatter and his denizens.

      One gent, a fellow mic holder – used to parade around with his nose tilted upwards – I guess the air wasn’t pure enough for him. He had a “I’m better than you are attitude”, outfitted in his navy blazer with ivy league insignia, gray trousers, patent leather loafers, pinstriped shirt w/ coordinated tie (w/collar clasp). He spoke with a central casting bad Boston blue blood accent.

      One day, our devious assignment editor, paired me up with Mr. Entitled — ostensibly to get street creds.
      I fumed internally but followed orders. The crew went to a crime scene in one of Boston’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Mr. Entitled complained about the smell of the neighborhood. He couldn’t look anyone in the eye. Finally, I had enough. I told him to keep an eye on a suspicious looking man while I went to get our camera crew. He sniffed at my orders with regal nose turned up. I double timed back to the car, jumped in. The crew and I left Mr. Entitled alone — on the mean streets — to “absorb” and earn his street creds. Of course, I was admonished by the suits back at the station. I just smiled that smile which always infuriated the wankers.


      • Ouch, that was just plain cruel, Garry, but certainly made a point. I would love to have been there and seen that gentleman’s face when none of you came back.

        When I was a real estate paralegal, I often had to deal with entitled clients buying half-million dollar houses (in WNY). Some of them were just like King Trump, and some of them were in politics, too.

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        • Cordelia, I know what I did to Mr. Entitled wasn’t nice but he needed a lesson before he ran into REAL trouble. His feathers were ruffled when he returned but his manners improved a LITTLE bit.

          I don’t envy your dealings with entitled clients. I hated it when I had to “suck it up” just to do the job. Sometimes that’s reality. You don’t always get to deal with these snotty people the way our film heroes and heroines do. It’s just not reality. I had just enough rope to pull it off on occasion. My targets usually were pols who liked to intimidate journalists. Word got around about me. It was often very funny.

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  6. Some people are just born assholes. This is exhibit A. The dude needed a few ass whippings along the way to bring his mind back to reality. If he hadn’t draft dodged, spending some time with a drill sergeant might have helped put his fat ass back in its place.

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    • My husband was in he Marines. He concurs. The DIs would have made his life more memorable.

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    • Sonofabeach, DONZO wouldn’t have lasted a week at Marine Corps basic training. He would’ve been complaining about the sand flies, silently standing at attention for 15 minutes and really LISTENING to a red face Drill Instructor tell him “….You’re NOTHING! You’re NOBODY! You are just a lazy, gooey grunt that’s my unpleasant task to make into a Marine…..you can’t call your Mommy or Daddy…you’re all MINE until I say otherwise! Now march your dumb asses…DOUBLE time…till I tell you to drop your ugly asses”

      Can you imagine DONNIE trying to silently DOUBLE TIME? Hell, he’d drop 3 or 4 wobbly steps in SINGLE time. If he complained or asked, “Do you know who *I* am?”…….well, that would’ve been just hilarious.


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  7. From every interview I’ve heard so far with Mary T, his niece, it sure runs quite a bit in the family. But what really did my head in, was the proposition for him to get the Peace Nobel Prize…. And I thought I had heard it all!

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