I haven’t written anything because I’m playing Scrabble. I have so missed it that finally getting a copy on my computers — got one on the Mac and the phone too — is great. I’m a really good Scrabble player and I will only play with a computer or someone who plays very well. Otherwise, it’s not fair.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I played Scrabble every day for all nine months of my and my friend Sue’s pregnancies (we were pregnant together). We got really good at it, so when we get to see each other, yes, we play scrabble. She’s the only living person who can regularly beat me. It’s a relief.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

So if I seem to be away from the computer, it’s a couple of things: a lot of doctor visits all of which were deferred because of the quarantine — Garry’s and mine — and Scrabble. There are a lot of doctors this week alone. Three appointments, each of which is going to take most of the day.

Next Monday, Garry has an appointment to get his hearing tested and see if he can get his hearing aid repaired. It’s at the hospital, so I may not go because they won’t even let me into the waiting room while he gets his testing done. The hearing tests take a couple of hours. There are many of them testing different speech and sound patterns and they often do one more than once to double-check the result, so it’s a long haul. Aid repairs could take some time, too, assuming they have the parts they need.

The road to our polling place

The next day, it’s me and the pain clinic, which is very close to Boston, so we won’t have much traffic going in at lunchtime, but we are bound to hit rush hour coming home. It’ll be interesting to see if traffic is lighter now than it used to be … and it’s election day, too. We’ve both voted already so we don’t have to take time out for that, but at night, it’s me and the election.

Back home

I am an election junkie. I have always been like that since the first one — John Kennedy — was on television when I was 13. Except when I was in Israel when I voted by mail (it was the only time I was every at the consulate except when my U.S. Passport expired and a needed a new one, I have never missed an election. This one, for obvious reasons, is more important and completely different from any other election in my lifetime.

Garry as photographer by the house

Nonetheless, I’m going to watch it. If it take a couple of weeks, I’ll watch every night. Maybe not ALL night, but I’ll watch.

I don’t think we’ll know the results the same day as we usually do, but since Trump has said he isn’t going to leave the White House even if he loses, this could get very interesting and not in a good way.

Up the road

If we have a revolution or a civil war, I will play more Scrabble. And I will read a lot. Because I have no idea how to deal with a war. None whatsoever.

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15 replies

  1. Naomi and I play Scrabble. She usually beats me because although I am a better speller she is better at the strategy and always seems to be able to get the triple word scores.


  2. Now that’s good planning ahead.


  3. I want full all-network coverage of Trump blockading himself in the White House and saying he’s not leaving. Full page coverage.


  4. sounds like a good plan overall. I’ve never been great at scrabble, but I am very good at challenging crosswords, as I love words. we all have our strengths and centering activities, and it’s nice to find them. I’m with you in the election junkie category.


  5. Your foliage photos are making me homesick! So lovely. Hope all the appointments go well. I see I have some reading to catch up on but I don’t think I’ll manage all 11K posts. 🙂


  6. my friend Marti and I have had a string of games going for years…


    • I bet you play really well too. My two games: bridge and scrabble. I’m a better Scrabble player probably because Garry doesn’t play games — the only man to go through Marine Corps boot camp without learning to play poker. He really doesn’t know a diamond from a club, so I have not played with living bridge addicts in more than 30 years. I do play online, but it’s not the same. The computer is a stupid player and makes the strangest bids. I’m not sure what bidding style its using and for free (the AARP supplies game for seniors … apparently bridge is great because it’s a memory game), they don’t bother to tell you. But to play properly, you really need to know what it means when your partner suddenly bids six clubs over your four hearts and he never mentioned clubs before. Is is a signal that he is void in clubs? Has the Ace-king? Or his electronic heart is just messing with you?


      • My friend Marti and I learned to play bridge together in college. We played every day after lunch and sometimes skipped classes to play bridge. Once I left college, I rarely ever played again. Certainly not in Australia or Africa or when I was traveling. I played once when I got back to the states and just hated it.. It wasn’t fun anymore. Since then I’ve played with Marti and another college friend a few times when they visited Mexico, but Marti has gone on playing online and is very good, I’m sure. She’d certainly beat me in bridge but I almost always beat her in Scrabble. Still, she continues to play with me. I like having the daily contact. with one of my oldest friends..


        • We played a LOT in Israel. The TV was pathetic and we had lots of other bridge playing couples. I was never a great bridge player. Adequate (barely) but we weren’t playing tournaments or for money. It was just pretzels and coke and arguing about bidding (with your partner). I don’t think I have the intensity to really play a lot now. With the computer, it’s easy and your partner is not alive, so you can yell at it all you want. But Scrabble — now THAT is my game.


          • Mine, too, and I like to play online as you can take all the time you want to to strategize. A friend who plays here insists you make your play within 3 minutes or less. I think that takes all the fun out of the game. My partner is 1500 miles away and we are both patient.


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