Despite all logic and reason to the contrary, Trump still continues to hunker down in the White House. Does he really believe he can stage a coup and become King of America? Does anyone genuinely believe that? I’m sure there are people who want to believe it, but really think it’s true? Or possible?

So all the middle of the road Conservatives held their noses and voted for Trump. Does anyone want to tell me they couldn’t find a different (better) candidate than Trump? With all their money, power, and influence, they couldn’t find anyone else to head their party? Nowhere in the GOP is there a potential candidate who is not a racist, liar, and a hater of all things that matter to Americans?

Personally, I don’t believe Trump’s “base” will really follow him after he cedes the presidency. Not because they will change their minds or opinions, but because they lack the attention span to follow someone who isn’t always in their face. Many of them are seriously racist and even more deplorable than Hillary said they were. Moreover, a good many of them seem to be astoundingly stupid. To quote from Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Stupid people have a limited ability to focus on anything and probably that’s why smarter people make better workers and citizens. They can think and we are supposed to think. It is what differentiates us from other critters.

There was a guy who today informed my son that Trump has already gotten 400 electoral votes. Really? When did that happen? Too stupid to even check to see what someone who isn’t on Fox news might say. They hate it when they get confused by facts.

I hear that many of them actually die of COVID and as they die, they are still furious that they are dying. COVID can’t kill them. It’s a hoax, so how can it kill them? They must have some other disease. This brilliant group comprise maybe half of his “base” won’t be faithful when he is out of power. They will follow whoever gets their attention. Moreover, I doubt Trump will run again. He couldn’t stand another loss. He will threaten to run, promise to run, be all over Twitter night and day. But take a chance at not winning again? Assuming he is still alive in four years, that is.

As for the rest of the Republicans, they can seek out and find an actual conservative over whom they do not have to hold their noses. They had a choice of Trump or Biden and they were unhappy with both. If they pull the party together, they can — I’m SURE — find a candidate that they can like and respect. It doesn’t have to be this special moron or no one. They made some really bad choices and are paying for them. They should not have nominated Trump, much less voted him into office. They have no one to blame but themselves. I’m sure they will blame everyone but themselves. They have no spines. Trump didn’t get to the presidency alone. All those rich white guys helped not to mention his idiotic base and Fox News. So now their party is out of office. They deserve to be out. Shame on all of them. If they refuse to cooperate with the incoming administration, a lot of people — voters — will never forgive them. There are a lot of big problems and major issues. We, the people, need attention and help.

We need medical care, unemployment assistance, money to help us catch up with lost rent and mortgage payments. Assistance to restore failed businesses. If they feel it’s in their best interests to leave millions of people jobless, hungry, and sick, they will be making a mistake from which the party may never recover — nor should they. It’s time for the Grand Old Party to worry less about political leanings and think more about the people they are supposed to be serving. It’s way past time to do something beneficial for others rather than themselves.

Through this nightmare of a year, while we’ve been locked in our houses — those of us lucky enough to have homes — and are dying by the thousands, these old GOPers have done nothing to help us, but done very well for themselves. I think the rest of us deserve an opportunity to live better. Don’t you?

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  1. Sometimes referred to as “Pursuit of Happiness.” Good points, well presented, Marilyn.


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