CMMC – February Pick a Topic from my Photo

Some of the pictures I take seem really strange when I take them, but sooner or later, everything becomes useful. I feel that way about every kind of learning too. Whatever you learn, however bizarre or obscure it seems to be, sooner or later something will happen and you’ll discover knowing that odd, obscure thing is exactly what you need to know.

Learn everything and have fun!

Big plastic Porta-Potty

antique car

One wheel deserves another in an antique automobile

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  1. You met Alfred? COOL! I love that old vintage car, they just had more class in them days. The “Porta-Potty”
    confuses me as it appears to be your personal possession .., your name is printed across it as if to indicate ownership.., you still got that thing?


    • I keep it in my pocket just in case. You never know when you’ll need a portapotty.

      Yes, Garry and I developed a real relationship with him. We used to “babysit” for him when the woman (his former sister-in-law) needed an afternoon off. He could remember every picture he ever published. He remembered the camera he used, the film, and what made him take the picture. I loved talking to him. He wasn’t a modest guy. He was very proud of his work. We were also invited to his funeral — and there weren’t many of us. Because we knew him and for me, it was meeting an idol. He was 92 when we met and I think 97 when he passed. I have pictures of him in my photo album.


  2. I really like both of your photos for this week. Thanks Marilyn 😀


    • I remember when I took each of these, so they brought back pleasant memories. Just curious: do you remember when you took each pictures? I can usually remember everything about each picture I took even if it was a lot of years ago. We got to know Alfred Eisenstadt when we used to go to Martha’s Vineyard in the summer (those golden olden days) and I bought some of his books and had him autograph them. He not only autographed them, but he could tell me what camera he use, what f-stop, what film — and what it was that made him take the shot.

      I just realized I can do that too and I never realized it until today. I may not remember which VERSION of a camera I used, especially when I owned a series of them, but I know which ones I took on my better interchangeable lens cameras vs. which were taken on my “travel” cameras. Isn’t that interesting?

      When I heard this from Eisenstadt, he was in his mid-90s. His pictures were taken anywhere from the 1930s through the 1970s. He couldn’t remember if he ate breakfast, but he remembered every photograph he liked enough to publish. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


    • I love that I can now use many old strange photos


  3. Portable potties are always interesting.


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