I got a letter from Roku in my email today:


Dear Roku Customer:

We are sending this email to update you on the possibility that Google may take away your access to the YouTube TV channel on Roku. Recent negotiations with Google to carry YouTube TV have broken down because Roku cannot accept Google’s unfair terms as we believe they could harm our users.

Ensuring a great streaming experience at an exceptional value is the core of our business. We will always stand up for our users, which is why we cannot accept Google’s unfair and anticompetitive requirements to manipulate your search results, impact the usage of your data and ultimately cost you more. 

While we are deeply disappointed in Google’s decision to use their monopoly power to try and force terms that will directly harm streamers, we remain committed to reaching an agreement with Google that preserves your access to YouTube TV, protects your data and ensures a level playing field for companies to compete. We encourage you to contact Google and urge them to reach an agreement to continue offering YouTube TV on Roku and to follow standard industry practices pledging not to require access to sensitive search data or to manipulate your search results. 

Thank you,



Oops. Even though YouTube TV is the cable cutters ideal package on many levels, it is, after all, Google. Who, other than Facebook, is more likely to intrude on your private business?

Of course, we will need a replacement package.

I decided I was not going to bundle stuff anymore. When it’s bundled, everything disappears together. If it isn’t, you keep everything except one item. You don’t even get a discount for bundling, so it’s a convenience, not a savings. Maybe it’s time to switch anyway. Hulu Live? Go smaller to Sling? I don’t know but it’s eating my brain.

There aren’t a lot of “best choices for cord cutting.” YouTube TV is probably the best of them — and that’s what we have. After that, there’s Hulu Live, Fubo, and Sling.

AT&T has issues and considering how expensive it is, not under consideration.

So I disconnected HBOMax and when it runs out at the beginning of May, I’ll re-subscribe. I already have Starz, Netflix, Disney+, and I signed up for Paramount+ (previously CBS All-Access) because it’s inexpensive and it’s got all the new Star Trek stuff — and because so much of the stuff we watch is on CBS.

I spent all day trying to figure out what to do. The prices are pretty much the same — $65/month — except for Sling which, if you buy the whole package, is $50/month. It is a little weak in the news area, but has NESN so we could actually watch the Red Sox. HBOMax includes TCM, so movies are pretty solidly covered. I don’t think we actually have enough time to watch everything we’ve already got.

Doing this stuff took me all day. Literally all day. I’m so tired of computers I’m ready to just pack it all in. I never imagined saying that, but it’s true. I’ve had it.

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  1. I have Hulu Live and I’m pretty happy with it. I tried YouTubeTV, but its DVR wouldn’t allow me to specify to record only new episodes, so instead of only recording the latest episode of, say, NCIS, it recorded every episode on any channel at any time. Do you know how many reruns of NCIS are aired on various channels each day? Tons of reruns of old episodes of NCIS were recorded each day. Hulu Live lets you specify to record only new episodes.


  2. I remember you being very happy with YouTube TV when you got it. We can’t subscribe to it here and get different versions of Netflix and Prime. Everything else seems to belong to Murdoch media.


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