This is my Favorite Photo that I’ve Ever Taken. Show Us Yours! A mini-challenge from Judy Dykstra-Brown

I’ve taken so many pictures, but these are in the top handful of pictures we’ve taken. One is Garry’s I took very similar pictures from that place on the mountain, but I think his is better.

Red House Finches in motion. It has to be my favorite because it’s the only picture I’ve framed and put on the wall in a long time.
July 2, 2012. Dawn in Rockport, Massachusetts. I waited a long time for the sun to cross paths with the cloud. It was worth it.
Photo: Garry Armstrong – Almost sunset, Attean View, Jackman, Maine (I didn’t take it, but it’s still a favorite and deserves to be.)

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  1. I can see why you like these photos. 😀 😀 Great photos you two 😀

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  2. Terrific choice- that first one is quite incredible

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    • I’ve taken a few other similar ones, but this one had the best color and it was really sharp — something that can be hard to get with birds that are always moving. It came out even better in print so it was a good choice, too 🙂 I do love those little red birds!

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  3. So beautiful photos, I love them all. And I know it was worth it, thank you.


  4. It took you a lot of time for waiting, Marilyn.


    • They were worth waiting for. They were also taken while on vacation when we got a great view of the sky. Since we’ve been at home for a long time, we don’t get those views. But we do (usually) get birds, though right now the feeders are down and I miss them more than I imagined I would.

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  5. These are indeed very special 🙂




  7. These are all wonderful pictures, Marilyn. The finches picture is simply beautiful. I love it.


  8. Oh my goodness! Stunning shots, all, but my favorite is those finches. What movement and clarity and color!
    I love my local House Finches!
    Thanks for sharing. Truly!


  9. Always worth the wait for photos like those!


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