CBWC: Fields and Landscapes

It was the last sunny day for weeks to come, though to be fair, we had no way of knowing it. I’m just glad we went out and actually took pictures because it was going to be another month before we’d be able to be outside without a raincoat. I don’t even think we have summer raincoats. It so rarely rains in the summertime.

Black & White

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  1. They are all good in black and white although I prefer colour for landscapes too. I do especially like the first one of the bridge framed with foliage.


  2. I had a lot of Garry’s photos in a stack of folder I’d never gone through, so — I did. Landscape would not be my first choice for black & white, but I was willing to try it — and Garry’s pictures tend to be more contrasty than mine so I figured they might work. He liked the way they came out. Still, all that foliage isn’t black & white’s best layout. I think they might come out better if originally taken in black & white. But the way modern cameras are designed, you will never actually SEE it in monochrome. It will always be color that you have to imagine in black & white.

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  3. Black and white is my preferred style when doing graphic design. There’s something so forceful about the contrast! Beautiful photos!

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    • Thanks, Cee. B&W is wonderful for contrast. Think of all those classic old B&W films with shadows on the streets and along ominous hallways. They told so much of the story – without dialogue.

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  4. Brilliant photos Garry for this week’s landscapes. I like you got a skyscape too 😀

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  5. B&w can be so colourful!

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  6. I click at the photos to make them larger, so they are looking more beautiful.

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