Fandango’s Story Starter #20

We had planned to meet under the bridge at midnight, but there were a few problems. The bridge was flooded. By a river. When we looked at the map, we saw the bridge. I guess we should have noticed the river underneath.

Next time, we’ll have to bring the kayaks…

I didn’t happen to have a boat. Obviously, you also didn’t have one. We probably should have looked at the map more carefully. It seemed like such a great idea at the time, didn’t it? Maybe next time we’ll pick a more convenient time — and make sure it’s on land?

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  1. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the details.


  2. Haha! Looking at the map would be a good idea


    • Oh, I don’t know. How many people remember how to read a map — or ever knew how to read one? I learned to read maps before we had GPS’s for anything but airplanes and boats. The problem is they don’t print really good road maps anymore. They leave out all the details. Only main or major secondary roads are on the map. No individual streets so even if you CAN read a map, unless you are looking for a public venue — a restaurant, a gym, a big building, et al — you won’t find it on the maps they are making these days. Not even in the big “book of maps” I buy (just in case). God help us if our GPS or telephone map malfunctions.

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  3. Reminds me of times when some of us would meet under the creek bridge. My first kiss there, but only because we were playing Spin the Bottle and he didn’t have a choice. We usually noticed if the water was up though. That was after getting stuck in the mud and one time was enough to make us look before we leaped.


    • We got stuck in a 16-foot Soling centerboard. She only drew 16 inches without the board, so that water was shallow. We had to wait for the tide to come in. Mud. Yuck.

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      • A friend was driving my car and he drove it into the mud while looking for a place for us to park one night. Couldn’t tell it was mud until we were stuck there. He wasn’t so cool about it after having to get out and push while I gunned the engine. In fact, I think that was the last date we ever went on. Some people have no sense of humor in situations. wonder if my laughing at him had anything to do with it all.


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