CFFC: Books and Paper

Books from paper and all the other paper. We are buried in paper. Remember when we were heading for the paperless society? Whatever happened to that?

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  1. Oh yes, Mostly Harmless over here too. 🙂


  2. I have countless books and they take up the majority of space in our home. I still love to read a paperback in bed at night–online and kindle are horrible to me, nasty lights, and they even say in fine print that you do not ‘own’ the books you buy but are just sort of renting them. Yuck! I love the feel and smell of books and will stick with them forever!


    • I actually prefer the Kindle because it has its own light AND it’s lighter weight than a paper book, especially hard covers. But you know? It doesn’t matter what you like. That you like to read is really the issue, not what format you like best.

      You ARE the owner of those books — at least as long as Amazon exists. This is also true of my audiobook collection. As long as (which is now part of Amazon) exists, the books are mine. I’ve had a lot of lifetime guarantees disappear because the company that held them vanished including the one on our bed. Fortunately, 20 years after buying it, it has need only a new mattress (after 18 years using a real latex mattress) and a new remote control — which fortunately, someone still makes. I have 20 years of Kindle books and Audiobooks — probably close to 3,000 of them. A few have disappeared because copyrights ran out, but I’ve probably lost more books or given them away than have disappeared through Kindle or Audible. Books do sometimes vanish. We loan them to others, forget to retrieve them, forget we ever loaned them out. On the other hand, if I’d kept every book I’ve owned over the years, I’d need a separate building to house them. I’ve also given away at least a thousand books until my library refused any more books because they were out of room.


  3. that’s just it – although I really should use a kindle or such as my eyesight is appalling, I just really, really like holding a book in my hands. I also like marking special bits I like or stick a post-it when I think I’d like to come back to that bit… But I try to use less paper otherwise – with too little success so far!


    • I think it doesn’t matter how you like your books. What’s nice is that you like books. I have trouble reading paper books at this point. Actually, I have trouble reading the print and much prefer audiobooks. Regardless, if I AM going to read, I like the Kindle because it’s lightweight and has a light in it.

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      • I’m ‘on my way’ for years already to get a Kindle, In fact I would own one for a long time already but I can’t get the ‘UK version’ with offers on books because I lived in France and now in Switzerland – and here it’s just not worth the money. Also the readers are very limited and practically no books I read are ever on offer. The downside of living in a relatively wealthy state (well, for some!)

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  4. I guess by golly you guys do have books. 😀 😀 Great photos Marilyn 😀


    • We could easily part with most of those books. We’ll never read most of them again. The only ones that are still of value are either books written by authors I know (mostly online) and are signed — and reference books, especially the books on antique Chinese porcelain. Those books are expensive. I should put them online for sale. For collectors, those books are important and I’m past the collecting stage.


  5. They’ve been predicting a paperless society for years but still it hasn’t happened! And I read recently that after a shift towards e-books over several years the trend is now back towards the paper version 🙂


    • I like digital books because I can keep a collection of them on one small, light device. I buy “real” books only when they are first editions and hopefully signed. Otherwise, I REALLY don’t need any more books! Every bookcase is full already and the library refuses any more books. Even the senior center is full up.


  6. We’re still heading for a paperless society, Marilyn, but until the digital world can preserve our documents and other valuable papers perfectly, we are going to demand the originals on paper! So we are going to continue to be tree killers and be buried in paper everywhere, although we can hopefully cut down on unnecessary copies and waste, and of course, plant more trees!


    • The problem is that although we “own” our digital stuff, we only own it as long as the company that stores it stays in business. If they disappear, so do all the things in their cloud. I’ve lost a lot of stuff to vanishing clouds. If it’s important, paper and print!


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