I have been told that when Spencer Tracy gave this speech towards the end of the production of Judgement At Nuremberg, he did it in a single take. Everyone gathered from other sets to listen to him, one of the world’s great actors. When he was done, there was a standing ovation

It’s hard to begin to express my level of disappointment at this country. It’s not rage or even anger. It’s a deep sense of disappointment, of hurt and loss, of utter failure.

How did we forget this? What went wrong? How did we become the people we fought against? I was sure — absolutely positive — that Americans were smarter than this, that as a nation, we had a belief in the sanctity of human life. Not just unborn life, but all human life.

The caption says “The world will never forget.” But we forgot.

I’ve lived here so many years, yet somehow the full degree of ugliness under the shine was never obvious. Maybe — probably — I didn’t want to see it. I was “pro” all the right things, but it never crossed my mind that at some point in my future, this nation would betray everything for which I thought we stood.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I doubt I’ll ever recover from the dismay and sadness I feel now.

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  1. Just know you aren’t alone. There’s lots of folks who share this unreal version of how things are. At least you and I are fortunate to be in the ending phases of our lives and don’t have to stick around that long to see the total destruction. Blessings to you and comfort. I know they’re not tangible nor of any use, but they’re all we have left. Pity the day they learn how to control our thoughts.

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    • I’m just so terribly disappointed in the direction we are going, if you could call this a direction. More like we’re falling off a ledge and who knows how deep the abyss is. I really believed this country had a destiny and although we hadn’t gotten there, I thought we had the intelligence and passion to get there eventually. I thought that not only we — the people — cared, but that under the glitz and BS, the people “in charge” cared about this country, even if I didn’t agree with them. They were patriots, Americans.

      What I’m seeing is that the people who are supposed to care about the country and us DON’T care. Maybe if we took money out of politics, if getting elected wasn’t a ticket to making buckets of money, THAT would make a difference. But it won’t happen because the people who would have to change those laws are the same people who most benefit from keeping it exactly as it is.

      We have had presidents and senators and governors who changed laws that negatively affected them. LBJ for one and Ted Kennedy for two. And there were more, in BOTH parties. They weren’t perfect, but they cared and they were willing to fall on their swords to push through important legislation. Is there any way that could happen now? I doubt it.

      Worst of all, it isn’t just the U.S. This is going on around the world. What will become of us? What will become of our world?

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      • While not being religious, I recommend that anyone concerned with the global events of today read “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey, especially the section on Revelations and Prophesy. He speaks in plain English so few, if any, “Thees, Thys, or Begats” etc. I read it back in the 70s while commuting on the LIRR, and I’ve never forgotten the stuff he pointed out. Try it, it’s a “mind blower” for many reasons.

        I found it then in paperback, but it might be available on Kindle and other book download services?

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        • The book was available for free on Audible, so I downloaded it. A lot of older books are free to members, especially this kind of book. I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books, especially a lot of C.S. Lewis, who was a pal of J.R.R. Tolkien and a professor of theology at Cambridge, UK. I find these books very interesting and sometimes, enlightening, so I’ll read it. I have a couple of others to read first (there’s always a list, but it’s in my library. Thank you for the heads up.


  2. I believe the root of all these problems is based in poor education. There are no national standards of education. Everything is run by local school boards, most of which are run by the uneducated. Parents and community members, with no background in education, dictate what is taught and not taught in our schools. Many pick textbooks that are not adequate to teach children fundamentals, and more importantly, critical thinking. In some districts, I would suggest that the boards even hire unqualified teachers to pass along their prejudiced views. If we teach our children to hate others, did we not expect them to grow up to be haters, and some to be shooters? As a graduate of the DePaul University School of Education and a holder of a teaching certificate in the State of Illinois, trust me when I say I am highly offended by the way many school districts are run.
    On top of that, we have so-called news channels that are no more than a propaganda arm of a political party that lost its way a long time ago.

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    • I agree except for one thing: many if not most of these bad educational choices are made by well-educated people who are busily protecting our society from the truth. That the textbooks are so bad is a choice they have made. They don’t WANT the children to have to deal with reality. They want everyone to grow up “protected” from the truth. I hate what is going on educationally. Not only are we protecting children from the truth of history and culture, we are also protecting them from learning anything that will later help them through life. Our educational system — the public one — is just plain BAD.

      As for the news? Sadly, this is nothing new. Our news was bad when George Washington was president and while we didn’t have TV or the internet, rumor was highly effective in its day. It still is, only now we publish rumors.

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  3. If I may. The US has many nice people doing good.
    It doesn’t matter if they are working with colored, a different religion or race to those people. Some don’t judge by status, or wealth. I would write they live by Christian values but it’s more than that and the equivalent in someone else’s faith.
    Nice. A word that fits some but is derided by others who don’t understand that you get more out of a person or a relationship, let alone from a dog, by encouragement, helping, trust, caring, and treating others with respect.

    So who is making it bad?
    It’s only a minority with big mouths, some with fat bill folds, and an arrogance and hatred for anyone not like themselves or those possessing a more passive nature who just want to get by in life.

    This minority live in a pseudo hate filled world of their own making.
    History comes into it a lot, as does privilege, and hardship. Only it’s a nasty version of those three that they just wont let go of because it allows them to be vile with “some sort” of justification for their warped nature.

    That nature I put down to ignorance and a product of a sick or warped upbringing. One where they grew up craving for power and success, which some will never achieve BUT, because they are weak of mind and want something for nothing, they always have to blame someone else for their shortcomings.

    Then there is politics.
    I gave up on politics a long time ago as there are few politicians in the world that serve (the people) and are more interesting in self promotion and personal gain. Religion and politics.

    Both have been warped by the sick in mind, and both as evil as banking and big business.

    Wanna solve a lot of the problems in America?
    There was a comment made years ago and often quoted within the ‘free’ of the America. 100% American, and what I call a very succinct analysis of your world.

    “…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” (Anonymous US Marine)

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    • A lot of nice people have voted to put the worst possible people into office. It doesn’t matter how many nice/good/caring OTHERS live here when they vote for people who are purely evil. A lot of nice people do awful things.

      We have recently noticed how many of our local nice people own guns. There is something wrong with a society where guns are PRESUMED by nice people to be a solution. To what exactly? People don’t own guns because they need them. NO ONE who isn’t in the military or SWAT needs an AR 15. They also do NOT need big magazine semi automatic handguns. THERE IS NO CABAL BY THE GOVERNMENT TO ATTACK PEOPLE. There never was, never has been — unless you are a Native American, Black, or some other currently hated minority. Those people have reason to worry. Most nice white people have NO reason to worry.

      Americans love guns and have had an ongoing love-affair with guns since before we were a country. Let’s not even talk about how many NICE people thought slaughtering Indians was okay or lynching Black people who didn’t kowtow to them. Let’s not go THERE. They were NICE people too. Lets not talk about how many anti-Semites are still busily hating Jews because that’s okay, right? You don’t need a REASON for that.

      I’m tired of hearing about all the nice people who vote those evil bastards into office. You don’t think those 100 people got there without nice people voting for them, do you? You can’t be that naïve.

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      • Marilyn, I gave up on politics years ago. Why? Because politics is another name for the self serving, corrupt, and inept.

        As for the ballot box. If EVER there was a con job, it’s a ballot box. What always gets voted in? The same old self serving, corrupt, and inept. Spouting the same tired lies and promises in a different suit.

        I often get challenged when I refuse to vote. I answer simply. “Has your vote
        EVER made things better for you?” The liars say a quick yes and stand amazed as I laugh at them.

        Meanwhile, the honest think for a long second and always say No.

        Marilyn I’ve worked in bad places run by dictators, warlords, and tribal leaders who are more honest and honorable in their dealings than Western politics.

        However, there are decent people in the world. To think there aren’t does a good slice of people a disservice.

        Know what the really fun bit is? Most work quietly in the background trying to correct the wrongs and selfishly aid others. Shunning recognition or reward.


    • PaulGray, you offer much to consider. It’s the kind of dialogue and thought needed to bring resolution to much of what is wrong.

      You’re right about “nice”. It is too often derided, deemed a cliché and outmoded. People are mocked for using the word. A shame! And, shame on the cynics who do all the mocking while vilifying those who try to correct all the wrongs that plague our planet. The “cocktail warriors” are fond of mocking and deriding, for instance, those who speak out about the ecological tragedy we face.

      I just read a most interesting “Smithsonian” article about Shirley Temple Black, the former child star turned U.S. Ambassador to The UN among other positions. Ms. Black was openly mocked by veteran pols when she led the fray for ecological awareness FIFTY years ago.

      I covered the FIRST “Earth Day” – a world wide event – that was dismissed by some high ranking political leaders as frivolous fodder for hippies and tree huggers. I remember a local political wheel telling me I was being used by “Commie Liberals” for covering the Earth Day Inaugural.

      Politics? I’ve had a professional lifetime – more than 40 years – as a reporter working in the public arena, engaging politicians – good, bad and ugly. It’s too easy to relegate all “Pols” to the garbage bin. I am guilty of demeaning pols – but that’s just an old, retired reporter letting off steam. I’ve had the honor of knowing some of the truly great political leaders like “Tip” O’Neill, John McCormack and Edward Brooke – just to name a few. I knew these men professionally and socially. I heard many stories about their uphill battles to achieve justice, “do the right thing” in a bi-partisan political arena where lobbyists tilted the scales of justice with money and promises of political gain.

      As a young reporter, in a snippet of Vietnam coverage, I was privy to President Lyndon Johnson’s angst about politics and a war that ripped our nation apart. I got a close view of a savvy politician who chose his nation’s health and future above political gain. President Johnson’s anguish was REAL – no ploy for a reporter. I could see his face, his eyes and the weight of the world that couldn’t be polished by some Washington spinmeister. He stood TALL in those moments when he was trashed by political, social and media leaders.

      Politics – EARNEST politics is not for those seeking fame, fortune and quick fixes to ancient ills.
      The NRA and their gun lobbyists are formidable foes for all trying to eradicate the “Guns Are Us” society.

      There are too many like that anonymous Marine quoted – hiding in the shadows.

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      • Hi Garry.
        I do recognize a few good names there and have quoted from a few others in my time.
        Yet I offer you UK politics as an example why I hate ALL politics.
        A prime minister, supported by his top table weenies, breaks the law, lies about it, gets caught, and blames everyone else and dishonored our Queen.
        Where is his honor and integrity? Down the toilet.
        Meanwhile his weenies killed off 48000 old people during COVID.
        Will they ever be held to account? Trick question as it was asked and answered. NO!

        I read a piece from a newspaper of note written by a distinguished veteran a few years ago.
        In it was this comment. “Give vets the tools and we will repair politics”.
        Somehow I don’t think he was thinking screwdrivers or planes.
        There are many who think ‘vet’, and as you say, in the shadows.
        However most find themselves on a watch list in the end.
        Such is the protection afforded liars and cheats by the machinery of government and it’s agents.
        Would they rise? Dunno. Give us the tools and we’ll see.
        Only be quick as old age is a bitch! 😉

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  4. It is heartbreaking

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    • Yes, it is. We lost our way, which assumes we ever really found a way, something I’m beginning to seriously question.

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      • If you look at it from the perspective of the rest of the world then perhaps that’s true that there are a lot of times where Americans weren’t the best or ideal people


      • Yes, we are lost. We, no doubt, will see more evidence of the “Guns Are Us” society. Probably “breaking news” somewhere right now.

        So, what next? It’s the too familiar suggestion. We need political, media and social leaders — with cojones grande — to combat the NRA, their lobbyists and all the regional political bosses who sway constituents and upcoming elections. It’s a very long and often tedious battle that may seem boring for those who seek quick fixes. All those who participate in acrimonious debates and rallies — need to show up and VOTE – noise is not enough. Not nearly enough. That should be most evident now.

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  5. It must be so hard for Americans at the moment, the shootings never stop

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  6. SO, no more Truth, Justice and the American way. I guess none of that worked out too well?

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