We got a new 40-pound bag of birdseed, so I was able to fill the feeders this morning. They watch me and know when the feeders are full. If I take too long, they get restless and fly past me, just to let me know they are waiting and hungry. I think they are taking their cue from the Duke who has the same attitude except that there is no time when Duke isn’t waiting for food to come his way.

This pretty much wraps up my last set of photographs, but never fear: my camera is at the ready! As long as the birds come, I will be happy to portray them to you.

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  1. Beautiful photos and what a sight that cardinal is!


  2. Great shots of the birds!


  3. That low light is the trick, Marilyn. These photos are beautiful.


    • I was amazed at the difference — and I actually KNEW there was a difference, but I’d never seen it so clearly before. I’m off to the hospital and hoping they find a vein and FAST! This hasn’t been a really great start to the year.

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      • I hope the doc find a good vein, too. Good luck, Marilyn!


        • Oh, me too! But in the end, I will settle for any functional vein because I know how hard it has been through my life to find a vein that will accept an infusion. It has always been difficult, so this isn’t an “aging” issue. This is just me and my veins. Ironically, my granddaughter has the same problem. Maybe even worse. It must run in families.


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