CBWC:  Crooked, Squiggly & Curved Lines

Black & white is defiitey the right monochrome for lines, crooked, squiqgly, or just strange.

Black & White

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  1. I so love your last shot of the squiggly tree. Fantastic. What a wonderful entry for the week 😀 😀


    • That was the absolutely healthiest ironwood tree I’ve ever seen. It was in someone’s garden and they we taking care of it. Out in the desert, they are much less tidy and a LOT less healthy looking. Ironwood is the only wood that sinks in water. It’s very heavy.

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  2. I love black and white photos. Not so much squiggly things though. After surgery to fill a hole in my right eye sometimes everything looks squiggly to me. It’s okay after it clears up so I don’t spend much time worrying about it all. I still have my eyesight and that means a lot. Do you develop and print your photos? Several years ago I did that, back before the digital cameras took over the world. It was fun but with my “crooked eye” as the guy who taught me called it, the developing was better than the printing. I think I’m half asleep right now, so hope this makes some kind of sense to you. Great photos.


    • I printed about 20 pictures — and framed them — about 20 years ago. That was when we had recently moved in and there was actually space on our walls. Now, there isn’t anywhere to hang anything.

      I like framed prints. Not only do I have my own prints on the wall, but also framed photos I bought, at galleries — along with paintings, pastels, some original drawings — and a lot of Garry’s awards. And chiming clocks, shelves full of dolls, little carved things, old Chinese porcelain and music boxes. Native American fetishes. Little (and not so little) bronze Tibetan Gods and way too many books.

      You can’t dust in this house. It’s beyond my aging abilities.

      My son is having some serious problems with his eyesight and is going for another opinion at Mass Eye & Ear. I had problems with double vision but surgery corrected it. Now I just can’t see well at any distance.

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      • I hope your son can find the help he needs with his vision. Mine is almost gone but then so am I at this age. The only thing I can say about getting older is that I can now find all those joints they tried to teach me about in science class 70 years ago. Didn’t really believe I had that many then but can feel them now.

        I had to give up most of my framed photos when I moved here because there is no space on the walls, but my granddaughter took the best of them to her new home. She and her new husband needed everything for their house, and I was happy she wanted some of theml


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