I took a lot of pictures, so I got a few more ready to go. I am going to make a print of one of these — but I’m not sure which one. This means I was doing double duty and prepping them for online publication and for physical printing on paper or canvas. I’m trying to decide how big I can go — more to the point, what I have room for on our walls which are heavily covered with painting and photos — and between canvas and paper. Canvas is classy and weighs less because you don’t need a glass cover. I’ll figure it out.

With their six to seven foot wingspan, these birds can go quite a distance and coast on breezes.

There are more, but I got tired of processing. It’s not how much I do. It’s waiting for filters to do their job and depending on the picture, they can take their time, especially on a bigger photo.

I think there’s one more round of photographs remaining. I might take a break and get to the rest in a few days. I’m a bit worn thin.

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  1. Beautiful photos of this magnificent bird. You have fantastic light and details in these shots.


    • My lens was really working at its best. Maybe it was the light. It usually has more noise than this, so I think the light was perfect. It’s hard to figure any other reason for it. But then again, this lens might not be the best match with the camera it was on, so I have swapped this lens onto a slightly newer and less quirky camera. Then I can see if I get better results. The Pen F is a unique camera, more like a classic rangefinder than a DSL. It could be that the lens camera combo is a bit of a mismatch. It can’t hurt to try something different.

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  2. These are beautiful Marilyn! My vote for printing goes to the first one. I like the classic ‘rule of thirds’ composition, and the head and body are both nicely positioned in profile 😀


    • There are a couple of similar ones in the first batch, too. Canvas costs more than even the best cotton rag paper, but any paper needs a glass cover. Canvas doesn’t, so it weighs much less but costs more. I’m pondering. I also have to move a lot of things just to have a space for it.

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      • I’m sure you’ll find a space for this beautiful bird!


        • I’ve worked out placement. Now, just waiting for money to come back. This was an expensive month. $1000 extra dollars for an A/C for the main house (the old one moved to the bedroom and the bedroom one moved to trash) — and next month, I have Garry’s and my teeth, so waiting just is. In the meantime, I’m working on other versions of the picture and trying to figure out how big I want the picture. It has to balance another picture that will be on the other side of the brick chimney. Balance!

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  3. Wow these are good! Such majestic animals


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