Dan Piraro


From Bizarro (Dan Piraro): OLD BIZNESS: I’ve done quite a few Noah’s Ark cartoons, but this one from 2008 is my favorite by far. I get a huge kick out of how many “first world” citizens still believe the world was… Read More ›


From BIZARRO: And now we have a gag from my good buddy, Dan McConnell. He usually discusses these collaborations on his FB page but he hasn’t posted it as of this writing. I guess he’s waiting for me to post… Read More ›


Dan Piraro is a great cartoonist, our favorite. We’ve been following him for more than twenty years. Visit him directly by clicking right here!

Hanging out?

Dan Piraro is an amazing cartoonist. I am not sure I would want to live in his head, however. It seems to contains much that is strange and wonderful, or merely strange — but wonderful. Visit him directly by clicking… Read More ›