A Photo a Week Challenge: Raindrops

It has been raining more in the past few months than in any other months in the history of weather records, which is more than 200 years. April was the rainiest month ever recorded. Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of rain pictures because I got pretty sulky about the rain and refused to go out unless it was a doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping. But I have a lot of pictures of birds and squirrels in the rain.

They don’t seem to mind. Or maybe having no choice in the matter, rain is just there, like the wind and the trees. It’s life in the big woods. Like snow and heat. When outside is home, the weather is life.

This squirrel is actually shaking off the raindrops.

Rain on Election day. Probably should have known it wasn’t going our way.

Rain on the window

Rain on the feeder’s roof

Rain on the Cowbirds

REFLECTIONS: THE COLORS OF FALL – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflection

Reflections in the Blackstone in the fall are beautiful. The colors are soft in the water, though if the water is quiet, sometimes it is as close as you can get to a mirror.

Rivers usually are not quite as silky as bigger bodies of water. Ponds and lakes sometimes are so smooth, you can turn the picture upside down and it looks almost the same, both ways.

Despite the lack of a brilliant fall, this October has produced a lot of pictures. Garry was outside today because we had sunshine. No reflections today … we don’t have any water here … but plenty of pictures.

River reflections – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Blackstone River in Rhode Island – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Reflecting river – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Mumford river reflections – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

Reflection of the bridge on the canal – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

Full reflection in the canal – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong