bouquet flowers september 2014

The painted daisies finally faded and I emptied the vase. Usually I wait until they are crisp and dry and really depressing to look at, but the daisies were so bright and cheery, it seemed cruel. In the name of kindness and mercy, as soon as they were droopy, I sent them to their rest.

bouquet flowers sept 2014

And what should appear? A new bouquet. Different flowers, different colors. I put them in the middle of the table rather than over on the wood stove.

bouquet flowers september 2014

Now that the late afternoon sun is blocked by our little air conditioner, it’s too dark over there.

bouquet september 1 2014 flowers

When the air conditioner comes out of the window later this month, the flowers can move back to the top of the stove, unless, of course, we are having a little fire in it. I’ve promised myself that this year, I will buy paper logs so we can enjoy at least the look of a fire, if not the heat.

bouquet flowers september 2014

16 thoughts on “THE NEW BOUQUET”

  1. Lovely flowers. Love that you keep fresh ones in your house at all times, and that Garry is often the instigator. I just find that beyond sweet.

    Ahh yes a fire in the fireplace. That would be so nice. I do have a fireplace, but it is not in working order. My dream is to one day have a gas insert, like my sister and my mom just put in. They are so beautiful and very warming, as well.


    1. Our fireplace is now occupied by a woodstove. We used to use it, but it turned the living room into a sauna, turned off the thermostat — so the rest of the house was an ice box … and ultimately cost us a fortune in oil because, it turns out, running the head constantly at one, low temperature is the best use of heating oil. And the chimney needs work. But I think we can have a few paper log fires safely. They don’t produce much ash or heat. And they are pretty. I hope so, anyway.


  2. Beautiful flowers, Marilyn; I feel that the colours are shading smoothly towards the autumnal. There is something of cheer and love and, of course, connection with nature about a vase full of flowers.


  3. I smiled reading your post because I also try to save the flowers until they give their last sigh. Then I get new bouquets as I put the dried ones to their final rest, moving also the vase all around the room. I feel like I’ve been offered several bouquets and not just one.

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