Signs – Weekly Photo Challenge 

This week, publish an image of a sign — from the signs you encounter on the street to more personal, less obvious signs that hold meaning for you.

Signs. One cryptic message for an election year. Another while traveling in Ireland. The last, posted on a door in Tombstone, Arizona.

Signs give our opinions, show us directions, and make us laugh. Different signs for different times.


Irish Signs Ireland

dogs are welcome wyatt earp tombstone


48 thoughts on “SIGNS OF OUR LIVES

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  3. I love signs as much as I like customized license plates. Especially in a foreign langague they tell a lot from people and their culture. The Arizona one is of course something I would not like to experience.


    • Arizona is a big state and very different from city to city, from country to suburb, to the Native American reservations up in the mountains. It’s not one place. You’d probably like some of it. I loved everything from Flagstaff north, hated Phoenix, but loved Tombstone. Would I want to LIVE there? No, I wouldn’t, not unless I could live on Navajo or Apache land up north!


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    • I totally agree with you. I have been taken down by crazed, out-of-control kids whose parents go shopping entirely to get a break from their lunatic kids. And who can blame them? They race through the aisles and now that I’m crotchety and not all that steady on my feet, they might as well be weapons aimed at the elderly and infirm. Stores USED to tell parents to control their kids or leave. Now … well … you know. They might lose a sale or something! Or get sued!


  5. Marilyn,

    First, I apologize for the mucked up post. I did figure out how I did it – sloppiness. I had pulled the photo up to look at it and instead of reblogging, well, I messed up big time. Darn it, I have never done that before and I apologize. That is why I try to be so careful, so these things don’t happen. I have taken it down. Would you like me to post an apology? Would be happy to. I have seen that poster before, up in Montana, and it just tickled my fancy. I had nothing to gain by it, I hope you understand. I throw things up and keep going, hoping people enjoy my posts. . .



    • Well, you are welcome to use it. I should have signed it, but I took it before I started signing everything. I was too lazy to go back and fix it. NOW I fixed it. I’m glad you like it. I found it pretty funny and I loved Tombstone … except it was 124 degrees the day we were there!

      And no, don’t bother to publish an apology. People steal my photos all the time and it’s rare that I know how they got them. It just happens that I follow your blog, so it showed up in my email. Imagine my surprise 😀

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  8. The “Impeach Them” sign is interesting because I wonder which side they is talking about. In today’s discourse, supporters of each side think the politicians of the other side are the worst in history.


    • What I liked is that they didn’t say which side. I got a sense they thought we should dump the lot of them.

      In this area, the GOP often doesn’t even bother to run candidates … it’s just Dems running against each other. Which is pretty much the same as it would be anyway. It’s the same bozos regardless.


        • Mostly, our locals pols are pretty benign. The state-level guys, a mix of excellent to indifferent, The congress and senators are what they are. Some good, some not so good. This is the first time we’ve had a Democrat as a governor in a long time. For some reason, we elect Democrats for everything — except the guv. But now we have Patrick and he totally sucks. He got elected and promptly disappeared, doing nothing at all while in office. Now he’s leaving office and .it isn’t going to matter. He has been invisible for 6 years anyhow.


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  11. The Irish road sign was most likely ambiguous as well, at least from my experience. The local darlings like to rotate the signs. We always increased our estimated driving time in Ireland by about 100%. If math calculations indicated something would take 45 minutes to reach, we made that into 1.5 hours and called the extra Twirl Time, for doubling back and taking what was hopefully the correct road “this time.”


    • Not merely ambiguous. Incomprehensible. That’s probably why the signs are full of bullet holes. All the maps are in English, but the signs are in Irish. I’m pretty sure that aggravated people. I might have shot a few holes too, but we didn’t have a gun.


    • All the maps are in English only, but in that part of Irland, the signs are in Irish ONLY, which made it impossible to match them to what was on the map. I’m pretty sure that aggravated people. The gunshots are a form of self-expression.


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  13. Impeach them all — in the US at least. I love the sign about children. Brought back a memory of very long ago. Was in a movie with a boyfriend who never had and didn’t want children (just like me). The announcer said something about crying babies should be taken to the lobby. My boyfriend said “crying babies should be shot”. I laughed at the time, but in today’s culture, I probably would not.


    • I think people who have children who can’t be trusted to behave in public shouldn’t take them where they are going to disturb everyone else. And I AM a mother and grandmother. If I behaved like many of the kids do today, I’d never have lived to adulthood.


      • Yes, it’s very sad that children are in control of their parents these days. A young friend of mine takes the time and makes the effort to discipline her 2 girls, and they are lovely to be around.


        • They aren’t ALL horrible little brats, but a lot of them are really awful. I actually banned a couple of kids of some friends from my house. They wrecked it and I refused to keep cleaning up after them. If Mom couldn’t control them, I wasn’t going to do it for her.


    • They are my favorites. Especially “Impeach them” since it doesn’t specify who to impeach. I assume they were totally fed up and thought we should impeach everyone. I’m beginning to agree,


        • It was breathtakingly hot. We stayed in the shade, moved slowly, and kept our heads covered. It was better away from Phoenix. In Phoenix it was as if there was no air. The humidity from all those lush little lawns have changed the climate. In Tombstone, it was at least dry, so it was hot, but you could breathe. Up near Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, it was much cooler and the air was great. But Phoenix? I don’t know how people live there.

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