As I busy myself, casually doodling on my little pad of paper, everything seems flat. I don’t know why I’m doing this. It doesn’t make me feel good or happy. It’s just something keep my little hands busy. Make work. Nothing important.


Oh how I yearn for the day when prompts or quotes offered real inspiration. Sad to be trying to come up with something unusual, or at least mildly interesting. Vaguely wondering how long I’m going to keep this up when I know it’s not going anywhere and no one will see it.

Maybe I’ll get an x-ray of my so-called brain. See if I’ve still got one. You can check back tomorrow for results. Bet you’ll find a blank page. Zero equals zero.

Not that it matters, but today’s Daily Prompt is “Alphabet Soup.” No pingbacks.

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  1. Liked it nevertheless Marilyn!


  2. You’re always inspiring… Even when Alphabet Soup doesn’t materialize. Have a relaxing weekend, get away for a day! ❤


  3. The inspiration will return.


  4. Don’t leave just yet, I just started following and reading your blog. I’ll tell ya when to leave! 😛


  5. For someone uninspired, you did quite a nice little job.


  6. It can only get better. I have now discovered how the reader works, so I am here – do not despair.


    • I’m not despairing, but I am discouraged. And weary. A lot of the fun has gone away and it makes me wonder why I put so much energy into this site. Clearly WordPress’s intentions are not honorable, not as far as we are concerned. I don’t know what their business model is, but I’m pretty sure we are not part of it. I do not know where this is going … and I don’t know where I am going, either.


  7. Here’s my burnt offering for the day… 🙂


    • Read it. We are not being inspired. Anti inspired.

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      • I suspect that after the first of the year, WP will be something else entirely. Considering that the pingbacks worked for a LONG TIME it doesn’t make any sense to me that they can’t figure out how to “fix” them now. I have been messing around a little bit on a site called Medium. It’s pretty, interesting and, as far as I’ve gotten into it, seems to have an interesting set up for connecting writers. But, so far, I know little about it. So far all I’ve done is export a couple of stories over there (very easy). I’m thinking of using it only for flash fiction. It has a feature called “collections” that another blogger here on WP says is great — I haven’t figured that out yet — but there are two “collections” for that genre on Medium. Anyway, it’s something to explore when the weather here finally gets into its reputedly normal horrific cold (-30) and I’ll have to stay in.


        • Well, seems to me the handwriting is on the wall. I would like to be wrong because I’ve put SO much work into this site. But I’m also not entirely stupid and if I have to move on, I suppose I’ll get it together and do it. I’ll check it out and thank you very much for the link. I agree, by the way. I’ve thought for a while they are trying to do away with the prompts and challenges and just looking for a way to do it. I guess they found it.

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          • If I were them I’d simply say, directly, “WP is moving in X direction and so the Daily Prompt will no longer be a feature.”


            • It would be the appropriate thing to do, but I suspect they aren’t sure about where they are going, or how many bloggers they will lose if they make a sharp right turn. So they are hedging their bets. I think they are probably going to lose a lot of support — a LOT of customers — and rather abruptly. And suddenly, remarkably, alternative sites will spring up like mushrooms in the night. There’s gold in them thar’ hills … and WordPress will not remain the only mining company.

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              • Blogger would not have to do much to offer direct competition.


                • I’ve already got an account there … who doesn’t, really. It’s just a very solo sort of place. The relationships developed here aren’t even possible there. Google + tried, but Blogger doesn’t even give you a proper way to have a conversation with followers. They would have to do some serious rethinking and it doesn’t seem as if they are about to do that. They haven’t improved anything … not even the templates or the comment process, both of which need some serious upgrading. But we’ll see. Maybe they’ll see an opportunity and take it.

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                  • I think their vision was that Blogger would work in tandem with Google +. It would be pretty easy for them to take over the niche that WP seems to be abdicating. I think they’ve got the power and the knowledge to do it if they want to. Maybe there’s something about blogging platforms that “they” (I don’t know who “they” is, but this might make sense anyway — it’s not limited to WP) don’t really like. Maybe they are not money-makers? Maybe it’s too difficult for “them” (in the most sinister meaning) to control the content? Maybe that’s by Blogger has stayed like it is forever… Maybe Google just decided it wasn’t worth developing or expanding? Lot’s of questions…

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                    • I think you are right, but business models change. I think WordPress has made a ton of money in the past couple of years and Google is always up for a bit of additional profit. If they see an opportunity, they’ll take it. They’ve lost a lot of customers to WP … so I guess we have to ride it out and see where the current takes us.

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