It was a beautiful day and the first time the calves had been let our of their cribs into the corral. Everyone was busy on the farm. Spring through autumn, there’s plenty of work for everyone.

72-BillyGoatGruff-1I petted the calves who were friendly, if a bit skittish, meeting strangers. I could feel the bumps on their head where their horns were beginning to come in. A warm, bright spring day on the farm. A good day.

18 thoughts on “ON THE FARM”

    1. We have a few farm stands, but nothing large or “official.” Usually just an old wagon, stuff, an old scale, and a coffee can to put the money in. But the local grocery carries local produce. And we can always drive directly to the farm (it’s just around the corner) and get milk, eggs, and sometimes corn. And honey.

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