“If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride … ” – Old Proverb


I do not know what a wish looks like, though I think it might look like a rising sun over a glassy harbor. Beggar that I am, I wish for a horse to ride and one more.


Gentle, well-school mounts so Garry and I can ride together again. And, I wish all of us the best life can give us — many sunrises on the shores of bright summer days.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

52 thoughts on “IF WISHES WERE HORSES”

    1. Change, even positive change, is difficult. We don’t get a choice. Change will happen, so we deal with it gracefully or not — but deal with it we will. We are temporary custodians of our children, supposed to get them ready to go off and leave us. Be careful what you wish for because they might just come back and bring the next generation with them 🙂


        1. No matter. That’s the only thing I’ve wanted my whole life and never been able to have — a horse. First, because it was impossible and I lived in places where you can’t keep horses. Then out here where I could easily keep a horse, but my back is gone and there’s no point. Even for free, I couldn’t ride anyway. Maybe in a little buggy 🙂

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          1. We were just getting started riding as a couple thanks to your tutelage. I was truly getting into my cowboy fantasies. It really is sad we can’t do this any more. But we still have those memories, especially the day I rode bare chested and got whistles from the ladies. Happy Trails!

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  1. I wish I could ride a horse, I can only take photos. But i wish I could ride a bicycle. I suppose it all boils down to the same thing, I wish I could walk a straight line without losing my balance.


  2. Very beautiful pictures. The sunrise is my favorite. Today I was able to capture sunset pictures. I was just arranging them in the meanwhile I saw this amazing pic and I realized that I still have to go long way.


    1. I think you are doing very well. You have some technical issues to work through, but you are getting there. Time and taking a lot of pictures really does make a huge difference. Experience eventually means you have made every single possible mistake at least once, probably multiple times … so you make fewer mistakes. Not because you’re so smart, but because you’ve made them already 🙂 Just take a LOT of pictures 😀

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        1. Without getting too complicated, I have suspected for a while that you need a better camera … or a couple of better lenses (not knowing what kind of camera you have). Although they say that it’s all about your eye, it’s also about the equipment. You can’t get sharp pictures without sharp lenses, no matter how good your eye may be.

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          1. You observed what I have been observing after every shoot. I have Nikon 7100. I’m getting my macro lens soon from Singapore. Coming very cheap. All you guidance. One of Tarun’s friend is coming to India next week. She will get it from there. I’m hoping like hell that it should work out.


            1. IF your pictures are still fuzzy or soft, then it’s possible your camera needs alignment. Sometimes, if they get bumped or banged around, the lens needs to be reset. Hopefully, that’s not the problem. But if it is, any competent camera repair place should be able to fix it. It’s probably (other than needing a good cleaning, which happens to all cameras eventually), the most common repair a camera will ever need. And all you need to do to knock it out of alignment is drop it, bang, or get knocked around with luggage while traveling. Fortunately, cameras are usually sturdier these days than they used to be, so let’s hope that a better lens will do the job.


  3. Ahem… Mr&MrsA… have I failed to tell you I have horses? Perhaps it’s the easiest way to coax you here for a visit? 😉


    1. Horses? You have horses? Ooooh. You live in Kansas? We don’t travel much … but … neither of us have ever been to Kansas, not even to change aircraft. Do the ghosts of old lawmen roam the streets? Ooh!


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