Democrats keep thinking — erroneously — that you can counter Trump with truth. By presenting accurate information. By countering his wild, unsupported claims with facts. Surely if we show up his lies and deceptions, his followers will realize he is a blowhard demagogue with no actual accomplishments or ideas?

Problem is, people don’t follow Trump because they believe what he says. They neither know nor care whether or not he is telling the truth.

Trump supporters do not care about facts, truth, right, or wrong.

They don’t care if he’s making it up or talking out of his ass. They do not even care whether or not he has any intention of keeping his promises. Nor do they care when he changes what he says whenever it’s politically expedient. They don’t care if he has no platform or proposed plans. And quite probably is completely amoral or immoral … and possibly, a traitor.

Trump followers need someone to affirm their fears and hates. They crave validation. Trump says what they want to hear. He authenticates their fears and validates their sense of betrayed entitlement. He tells them it’s okay to hate, to be a racist. He tells them they should be afraid of becoming marginal people in this changing world.

When Trump said “I love stupid people” it may have been one of the rare times he was telling the truth.


And then Donald J. Trump tells them that only he can fix things. Only he. He is the man, the only person who can make the world right.

We call such people dictators. Donald Trump does not want to be President. He wants to be king.

And because ‘his people’ do not care if he can or will fix anything, having someone powerful agree with them and tell them they are right is enough. They will vote for him because he validates and affirms them. He makes them feel good. Empowered.

This is how Hitler took over Germany. This is the demagogue’s playbook.

He could win. All he needs is for you and you and you to keep saying there’s no difference between Hillary Clinton, a woman who has spent her entire life in public service, and Donald Trump, a man who has spent his entire life ripping off other people to enrich himself.

Donald Trump won’t make America great again. America is great. What he will do is tear this country to pieces, set neighbor against neighbor, race against race. He will eliminate centuries of diplomacy and relations with other countries and make us the laughing-stock outcast nation of the world.

Oh, and we’re going to hand him the nuclear codes. That’s a swell idea.

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  1. I understand this article is a bit aged; however, I’m still trying to understand why anyone would vote for Trump. You take on why helps me to understand some viewpoints, but I am still fumbling with the concept that so many people actually believe and support him.


    • Many of us are still trying to understand it, now more than ever. The best I can suggest is that people believe what they want to believe and hear what they want to hear. They wants a “strong leader” which are code words for “dictator” who “fix” things and “take care of Those People” — usually people those particular voters hate. Does it make sense? Not to you or me, but obviously, it makes sense to them.

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  2. I think it is fair to say at this point that Trump has let a very vicious, rabid cat out of the bag and America can’t put it back, even if he loses in November. The truth about how a huge portion of the US population feels about human rights and equality can’t be unseen. Trump has given the white nationalists their foothold. Things are going to get very very ugly.


    • I wish I could say you are wrong, but I suspect you are (mostly) right. Race was this country’s original issue, and slavery our original sin. Ugliness notwithstanding, we are probably long overdue in facing it.


      • But it’s not just a matter of race. It’s about all human rights. Under a Trump presidency, only straight white male Christians will be safe. The rights of women, gays, non-Christians, non-whites and anybody else you can think of, are going to be depleted. That’s his version of a great America.


        • In this country, race — what we say about it, what we don’t say about it, what we believe (really believe) — is always there as a current. A powerful rip tide of a current. I am in a bi-racial marriage and have been for a very long time. You learn a lot when your partner is not white.

          Race is a huge part of the dialogue, but it is usually expressed in code. If you are sensitive to the way language is used, you understand what they REALLY mean. It isn’t about “human” rights. It’s about equal rights for non-whites. Nobody argues about white rights because they have never been at risk.


          • I agree about the racial undertones. My daughter is half black. My grandmother was a John Burcher. Trust me. I know. But the straight male Christian portion of it all should not be ignored. Women should be terrified of Trump. Gays should be terrified of Trump. Jews, Buddhists, Muslims (obviously), you name it, should be terrified of Trump. Race is a major component, no doubt, of what is happening but it is not the only component.


  3. This is the scariest election that I can remember. When I hear what is coming out of his mouth I just can’t believe it. Everytime he insults a new group, I think it can’t get any worse until the next time. Gold Star families? Really? And, yes, they are both banking on those same stupid people to go to the polls in November.


    • I don’t know about “both banking on the same stupid people.” Trump has actually SAID he’s banking on stupid people to vote for him. The Dems and Hillary have said quite the opposite. BUT. I think it ‘s fair to say stupidity is running rampant this year, so there is a LOT of stupid voting for both sides. Knowing the fate of our nation is in the hands of dumb and dumber is not a happy thought.

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  4. Yep, you are both right…unless there is something we don’t know about his alcohol consumption??


  5. all I have to say is that someone left an extra “n” in the last word of the poster…………


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    Trump may make America Great, yes a a great big explosion if he gets access to the nuclear codes, then no one will be left.


  7. Excellent post. The more I watch Trump and his followers the more I think of Jim Jones and his Guyana Kool-Aid fiasco.


  8. He wants to be king. That says it all. He has no idea how to run a country..forget about making it great. Start with just running it. If people complain that with Hillary, we get Bill; how about with Trump, we get his kids. God help us all.


  9. Don “the Con” Trump has crossed a line of insult that will have to dearly cost him supporters. In his attacks on a Gold Star Mother, a day after his mocking of a four-star general, he revealed himself to be devoid of compassion or respect. He is offending the American military officers and ranks, traditional Republican strongholds, and they will, I sense, soon be making inroads among the veterans. Any commander who’s had to write that letter to a family and any GI who’s lost companions in the field feels the sting of Trump’s stupidity. It cannot go unnoticed.
    And that’s before his pathetic tantrum over a successful billionaire New York mayor (a position managing a budget that dwarfs Trump’s puny operations).
    No, this goes to pure emotions, where Trump has lost his footing.


  10. Well said well said. Now I’m even more scared.

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