Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Isolated Subjects

This is the saddest challenge. Poor, isolated subjects, alone forever in a black & white photograph. My tears are falling at the very thought!


72-BW-Light of the desert-MAR-Superstition-011316_305



But just imagine everyone’s surprise had I managed to get two moons in the picture!

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24 replies

  1. Wonderful photos Marilyn. I just love your moon.


  2. I really like your photos Marilyn. Nice variety. 😀


  3. The moon is a perfect subject for black and white. Some how it doesn’t look so sad either because we usually look at the moon together. Black and white is good for that lonely appeal.


  4. Oh, the bird…..Lonesome Dove.


  5. Marilyn I love them all.The cactus with the sun splash is fabulous


    • Thank you. I saw it coming. The sun was dropping and I knew it would be right on that edge for less than a minute. So, I stood there waiting. Then I shot as many frames as I could until the sun disappeared. A few of came out well. The surprise is how well this translated into black & white.


  6. An interesting challenge. The outcome is pure art


  7. I like that truck photo. Great interpretation.


  8. It is the lonely sujects, the foto noir, that are the special photos, the ones that a prize suspicious. Love the lonely truck on its way to its mystery destination.


  9. That truck is full of furniture. They’re moving back to be with family and friends. Cheer up, Marilyn!

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