The challenge is “concept.” The picture is …

Tranquility and balance

Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week is “Conceptual Photography.” Which — for me — less an illustration of a concept, then a picture that embodies — or is itself — a concept. Many of the odd photographs I take are an attempt (more or less successful) to capture an idea, often of balance, or a counterpoint..

I took this one last night very late. I think I was more than half asleep and the original intention was to see if the camera would do a particular thing. It came without a manual, so although I’ve had it more than a year, I’m still discovering what it can do. The answer turned out to be “yes it can” and this is the result.

I would have posted it last night, except I fell asleep before I finished the post. Better late than never, right?

Thursday’s Special: Conceptual Photography


  1. Oh my, you fell asleep and I come so late to see your work. Sorry Marilyn, it is our time zones.
    I can see soft light, scented candles, something ambiguous that looks like a tea pot or an old phone, a nice ceramic bowl, and a box, or is it a book cover? They are all placed together on a wrought iron shelf/ desk. The scene looks inviting and inspires tranquility of a home at peace. Thank you.


      1. It’s a music box with a spinning disk on top — and a kaleidoscope (looks like a small telescope). The kaleidoscope can come up and you can view other things through it.

        The thing that looks like a box IS a box. It contains a jigsaw puzzle.

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