Our President recently expressed shock when he discovered providing healthcare to 320 million people is complicated.

Who knew?

Everybody knew.

Except the President.

What an insult to every thinking, caring person on the planet! Everything is frigging complicated!

Relationships at work and at home — are complicated. Solving everyday problems — is complicated. Managing young children and old parents — is complicated.

By Mike Marland – @mikemarland

Hasn’t Mr. Trump heard the rubric that everything takes twice as long as you expect? Why is that?

Because everything is complicated! Deciding what to make for dinner for four picky eaters can be annoyingly complex. It can require cooking more than one dish to satisfy everyone. That makes it a complex solution to a complicated problem, involving complex carbohydrates.

The bigger the decision, the more moving parts there are. On a national policy level, every action has consequences and these consequences give birth to another generation of consequences, and so on. The flow chart for anything will look like a spider web.


Someone who doesn’t understand the complexity of national issues should NOT be allowed to solve them! Apparently in Trump’s business world, he could just make a decision based on whatever he was feeling at the moment. Then his minions would scurry around and make it happen. Maybe that’s possible when you’re simply buying and selling things. Negotiate terms and price — and POOF! A deal. Easy peasy!

I find it impossible to believe anyone outside of a primitive village in the middle of nowhere could be so utterly clueless about how the world works today. It is mind-boggling that any sane or half-way intelligent human being could think that anything a government does for millions of people could be quick and easy.

Note the use of the terms ‘sane’ and halfway intelligent’.

Trump has consistently assured his followers that he has quick, easy solutions for every issue. I thought he was being cynical when he said that. That he was knowingly blowing smoke up his base’s collective ass.

I was wrong. He believed his own hype! He actually thought, “I can sit down and come up with the perfect solution for healthcare that all you bozos have been struggling over for the past 70 years. In a single sitting. On the first try!”

By Mike Marland - @mikemarland

The good news? Someone finally got through to Trump. On something. They must have explained the governmental facts of life to him in some awkward, uncomfortable conversation. Was there a tantrum involved?

At least our President seems — for the moment — to understand at least some issues facing this country are incapable of a ‘quick fix.”  Now let’s see how our fearless leader tackles the ’12 and over’ toys in his toy-chest. Lord help us all!


    1. Thank you! I just got so mad at Trump’s comment that I sat down and wrote a blog and posted it in one day. Never did that before.


    1. We have to just hope that there are some grownups in the room who can get trump to play well with others, like Congress, the press, minorities, etc.


      1. Sadly, if they even exist, they will undoubtedly be muscled out of the way by the usual big and powerful vested interests of Oil/Coal, Energy, Weapons manufacture ( you know your country produces enough bullets every year to kill the world’s population 7 times over, right?) and pharma companies. In Politics, as in life, Money Talks.


        1. And this administration is so in the pocket of the big banks and big corporations! He drained the swamp and put the entire swamp into his administration!


          1. Yes and just because he made an almost normal speech, no one should imagine for half a minute that this means anything. He is what he is and he isn’t getting better. i don’t remember which comedian said it, but 70-year old racists don’t improve with age.


          2. A newer boggier swamp no doubt… I fear you are not alone in having such an administration for government at the moment. The billionaire we did elect only lasted one term – 3 years – and he was only one lower house member. Yours does seem somewhat plutocrat heavy 😦



  1. In Canada we have gone through all sorts of transitions in our healthcare system. At one point we were providing free repair surgery to no-tax paying non-citizens who had gone to foreign shores and paid to have expensive cosmetic surgery done. You can go bankrupt pretty fast under those circumstances.There is a struggle here for a two tier system. The doctors are not happy and want a big raise but our government is so in debt that they can’t finance it. Health care is a Provincial obligation but they get some money from our federal government. Complicated – you said it.


    1. I thought the Canadians had healthcare all figured out. I guess it’s so complicated that even the simpler systems have a lot of bugs in them. You still sound like you have a much better system than we do now, and ours is going to get a lot worse very soon!

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