Has anybody noticed that the words incompetence/incompetent keeps coming up more and more in everything you read these days?

Lately, it’s been taking on a new definition.  Force Multiplier. 

What is a force multiplier?

In military terms, it’s anything that makes a weapon work better, or gives a soldier an advantage over the enemy. It’s not a new concept.

The long bow was a force multiplier. It allowed the English to defeat the more heavily-armored French at the battle of Agincourt. When you can shoot the enemy from way far away and they can’t shoot you back, you win.

Close to  75% of Americans did not vote for the clowns in congress or the Clown in the Oval Office.


And right now, they are throwing an incredible amount of shit at us. We’ve lost both houses of the legislature, the White House and soon, the Supreme Court. What can we do about it? We don’t have a lot of weapons at our disposal to fight back with.

What weapons do we have?

Well, we have the media finally doing their job. Reporting about the incredible amount of shit being thrown at us. And how a bunch of screw-ups are running the government.

That is of course, unless our “so-called president” gives a “so-called speech” where he reads “so-called words” off a “so-called teleprompter”. Then he becomes “so-called Presidential”.

The bar has been set so low for “Presidential” that you need ground penetrating radar to find it. “The bar’s got to be down there somewhere!”

We also have  grass-roots movements and  large protest demonstrations. Weapons that are more effective than you think

But, do we have any force multipliers? Actually, we do.

Incompetence. Their incompetence.

Of course, their incompetence isn’t something that we can control.  But it can still work in our favor. Face it, the best thing we can hope for in the next few years is that the government does nothing (or at least as little as possible). The fewer laws they pass the better off we’ll be. We can’t do much to stop them.

But incompetence can!

What was the biggest reason the Muslim ban failed? The incredible incompetence with which it was enacted.

Thousands of government jobs have yet to be filled. Partly because nobody wants the jobs. But mostly due to incompetence. Reports keep coming out about a chaotic White House staff. Is it all because of in-fighting? Maybe.

But don’t forget incompetence.

The people now running the White House have no experience running the things they are supposed run. And that’s the reason they were hired! Nobody in the White House has any idea how anything works! (including the light switches)

Did you know that “Nobody knew how complicated health care was?”

No incompetence to see here folks, move along.

The head of the Energy Department literally didn’t know what the Energy Department did. And four years earlier, he wanted to eliminate it! But then he couldn’t remember what department it was that he wanted to eliminate!

Incompetence anyone? Step right up.

The head of the Education Department has no knowledge or understanding of the basic principles of education. How do I know this? I watched her confirmation hearing. Text book incompetence!


Congress, right now, is desperately trying to take away the country’s health insurance before the country notices their health insurance has been taken away.


Will they? Possibly. SCROTUS is going to push for it. And he’s supposed to be a great salesman and a great businessman.

Will they succeed? Maybe. Problem is, we don’t have much to fight back with folks. But don’t count out incompetence. So far, it’s been working for us. Like I said. It’s a force multiplier.

Just in reverse.


  1. You are working towards a more enlightened future by your writing Tom. You have the mightiest sword your pen (keyboard) Don’t underestimate the power there it is this “force multiplier”.

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    1. Thanks. And you make a good point. The pen is mightier than the sword. Trick is to drive it straight thru the sternum and into the heart with a strong downward thrust. Mocking them constantly helps too.

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    1. That’s why I’m writing so much. You never know. but honestly I think we will be OK. Not that they aren’t going to try to stop us.


  2. I’ve been having the same thoughts. Agent Orange and his Keystone Cops are like a many head hydra. You cut off one head and nine spring up in their place!! Hopefully they will all be removed from office by great continuous outcries from the people before we all sink into their quicksand.


  3. I see it more as a force minimiser – their force. Minimising their possible effect – we should do all we can to help them remain incompetent!

    Sounds kinda negative for the country but so’s the alternative.


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