We can’t force him to resign. We can’t force anything because our government doesn’t work that way. We have elections and regardless of the way they come out, we abide by them. That’s what makes this country work.

It doesn’t have to work the way I think it should. That’s not the point. That it works at all … that is the point.

We have a terrible president. He has a dreadful staff and appalling secretaries of this, that, and the other thing. If he can, he will take this country and trash it. He will cause death and misery to millions. He will not care how much damage he does. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. It’s a travesty, but we — not me, never me — elected him.

My job as a citizen is to fight back. Object to everything. Make sure he and the world know this is NOT the world I want to live in. As long as this nightmare continues, I will fight.

Meanwhile, with all of this insane hysteria in progress, who is minding the country? Anybody could do anything and I’m pretty sure the people at the top would have no clue what’s happening. They are so busy making sure that every scrap of kindness, generosity, and caring have been stripped away from our world, they aren’t paying attention. They really think this is all about politics and making more money for the already wealthy. Even at the worst of times, I always believed our government was keeping its eyes open, looking around. Staying on top of things.

I hope we will all keep doing whatever we’re doing, even if doesn’t seem we are accomplishing much.

We matter.

WE matter.

The things we do, matter.

Our beliefs matter.



13 thoughts on “EVERYTHING MATTERS”

  1. Maybe……. the reason for DT is to get enough citizens mad enough to actually come up with a better system of Government rather than ‘fixing’ the current ‘system’??

    Come the revolution….

    (” I’m as mad as hell and i’m not gonna take it anymore!!”)


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  2. I believe good will come out of this — a more active, engaged electorate, a sharper, more professional press, maybe a little humbling of America as we see another country become ‘the leader of the free world.’ This terrible situation will be righted but it won’t be without a lot of struggle and a lot of suffering.


    1. I actually don’t have a problem with some other country getting the lead on us. That’s one of the things that happens with time and the movement of history. I’m more worried about having a viable government because, you know — we have a LOT of nuclear clout. We may be stupid and incompetent, but we have the power to blow the world to pieces. So whatever else may be wrong, we NEED a government. Like NOW.


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