I finished Gretchen Archer’s DOUBLE UP (A Davis Way Crime Caper Book 6). It is a perfect mystery. Murder, Mayhem. Corruption. Good guys, bad guys. Death and deception. Wonderfully complicated technology, just to satisfy our inner geek. I read these books slowly because I want them to last. When I completed that final page, I wanted one more chapter so badly I could almost taste it.

It’s not that the book needed another chapter. It was just that I wanted more. I will always want more.

This was a great book. It starts off with a bang and it never slows down, not for a minute. From page one to the last page, it moves, it lives, it breathes.

I find it remarkable that a series which began so simply — a woman taking a job about which she knows nothing — then learning as she goes. Finding love. Managing the hardest parts of life and being everything to not just a boss, but the bosses wife, her husband, her family, and ultimately, her children. She can still do it all.

Against all odds, with all of her personal (and very funny) foibles, she is a champion woman. Smart. Determined, Sensitive. Brave.

Yet, like in the real world, it’s not easy. She could fold up, give up, and move on. But she doesn’t and she won’t and this is that “thing” which makes her a unique character. In a battle of wits, computers, complex corporate greed and corruption. There’s a story — and a story in the story. It is what it seems to be, what it apparently is. But just when you figure “Okay, I’ve got it,” you discover there’s another layer.

The story twists and turns its way to the right conclusion.

The writing is sharp, crisp, perfect. It’s funny and furious. This is a series in which I keep thinking the books can’t get better because they are as good as they could be. But I was wrong. This is better. The characters have grown up. They have depth and what is more, they have purpose. They don’t just keep their jobs. They do whatever they must to make it all work, even when it seems impossible.

The story is intricately complex yet reads like clear water. Nothing stands between you and the story. It is written like glass, without dangling fringes, loose ends, or unattached pieces. Everything goes where it belongs and you end up feeling satisfied — and ready for the next book.

You will never feel the same way about shrimp.

It’s everything I hoped this series could become. DOUBLE UP is a joy to read.

If you haven’t read the rest of the novels, I would highly recommend you read them. The characters make more sense in context of the whole series. One way or another, this is too good to miss. It’s a laugh and a gasp and DOUBLE WOW.

The books in order are: DOUBLE WHAMMY, DOUBLE DIP. DOUBLE STRIKE, DOUBLE MINT,  and DOUBLE KNOT. All are available through Amazon and other booksellers.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!


    1. She really is good and getting better. I read a ton of mysteries, so I’ve gotten pretty good at this sort of thing. What I love best is how everyone in the story has a reason for being there. It’s a nice touch for a mystery.

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