We’ve been watching this show about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. They are doing this last, terrible, desperate film. They don’t like each other. They may, in fact, truly loathe one another. But they need this movie because they are getting old and they know it is their last chance to do something before the rug is pulled out from under them.

That’s the real point of the story. They didn’t make a good movie. They didn’t change the rules of Hollywood. In fact, the rules have not changed. More women get decent roles even after passing that magic age — these days more like 55 than 40 — but most don’t. Women are still underpaid, underrated. A man playing a role for which he is blatantly too old is applauded. A woman is laughed at. A woman with wrinkles, if she is really top drawer in the acting department will get some roles, but not like a man.

Men can work as long as they can totter around. Not so for women.

BOSTON HERALD 03-17-2017

Women do get work. Not as many as eventually will, but many more than used to. We keep at it and one day, we will win. The women who fought the studios, battled movie moguls who treated them like soiled hankies? They were losers. Losers in every sense of the word. But the battles they fought opened up the world for others yet to come.

If you are wondering how the things we do now can help us in the battle to survive this thing who is our so-called leader? Everything we do matters. It counts. Even thought we fight and lose, we fight again. Maybe we lose. But …

Eventually, we don’t lose. In the end, we will win. Bet on it.

9 thoughts on “LOSERS”

    1. Thank you. These days, everyone is looking for “the instant win,” but that’s not how it goes. You do a lot of losing to make the winner’s circle. Even when you get there, you can’t stop. If you forget, you wind up with … well … y’know. This mess.

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  1. The greatest Actress I ever saw was Katharine Hepburn. They tried to get rid of her. They didn’t care about her incredible talent and intelligence. But she jumped up and kicked their asses. The Rainmaker with Lancaster is one of My Favorite Westerns. The Lion in Winter (1968) is a Masterpiece with possibly the greatest Actor who ever lived Peter O’Toole.
    Yeah it can be done, my Barnum, but you’re still swimming up river against a current of stupidity.


  2. I have been pleasantly surprised to see Ida Lupino’s name listed as Director on some of the old 50s movies, though I have never heard mention of her as a director. She and Howard Duff were my favs. And it is beginning to look like our President is on the losing side these days. The pressure is building.


      1. Ida Lupino was a major screen star before turning to directing. Ida was hired by Jack Warner as competition to Bette Davis who rejected many scripts while telling Warner what he could do with his threats. Lupino, a fine actress in her own right, did many films rejected by Davis. One of my favorite Lupino roles was as the whacko siren in “They Drive By Night”. Another memorable Lupino film was “The Sea Wolf” with Edward G.Robinson and John Garfield. She held her own with these two legends. In the late 40’s and 50’s, she directed many “noir films” and mentored young actresses like Sally Forest. Ida helmed the Forest flick, “Not Wanted” about a young woman becoming pregnant courtesy of a shmuck guy, Leo Penn (Father of Sean and Chis). Keefe “big teeth” Brasselle played the nice guy. Believe Ida also directed the noir classic “The Hitch-hiker” with Edmond O’Brien, Frank Lovejoy and William Talman. Lupino and Howard Duff were a star couple for many years til they divorced. One of Ida’s last roles was as Steve McQueen’s mom in the underrated “Junior Bonner”. She and Robert Preston were memorable as McQueen’s wayward parents.


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