Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 26, 2017

Hard to believe this week is over. It has been one weird week. Weather-wise, we’ve had rain, snow, sun, sunrises — and my Christmas cactus is in bloom again.


The above picture is the cover of one of Boston’s local papers. I have yet to entirely discern its intent since this is a pretty right-wing paper, yet they have not been exactly supporters of Our New Team at the Top. I just liked the page and took the picture. I will leave other pundits to figure out its implications, whatever they  may be.

The day before yesterday, we had one of those glorious sunrises that accompany the Vernal Equinox. I wasn’t using my really good camera and I wasn’t happy with the colors, so I tried again this morning. In the two days since I shot, the sun has move maybe 10 degrees eastward in the sky (is that right? I’m never sure but by my calculations, that is east) and it was hard to get any picture at all. But I tried.

My Christmas cactus bloomed again. It does this. Every few months, it bursts open and blooms. Better now than ever since the huge dracaena that had kept the sun away has moved to a better place (my son’s place, actually) and the remaining plants are happy to get sunshine back.

Philodendron from the side in the rather gray light of morning


  1. The sun ‘moves’ at it’s fastest across the horizon at the equinoxes, slowest at the solstices. All the same 10 degs in 2 days seems a bit quick, but that may be due to your higher latitude (I’m around 31 deg S)? 10 deg is the distance across the back of your closed fist at arms length! If you could see it as it rose above the horizon both times at the same time of day you could have an accurate measure but if it is at different times or if there is cloud obscuring it for a time the distance might be greater than it should be. The sun should rise pretty much exactly due east on the Equinox. Did that help any? 🙂
    Yes – i am an astronomy nut 😉



    1. Latitude matters, even small degrees of it. There’s a clear difference between here and New York, only 250 miles apart. And when I was in Israel (same as your latitude, just other side of the world) … VERY different. Twirl a ball. It becomes pretty obvious.


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