When I think about my passport, I am hit by an instant wave of anxiety.

Where is it? Can I get my hands on it quickly? I can’t even remember when I needed it. We haven’t even gone into Canada in recent years. Yet the idea of “passport” makes my palms sweat.

It’s our political climate. Β What if we have to make a run for the border? Nothing yet, but you never can tell. It could happen. Any time.

35 thoughts on “MAKING A RUN FOR THE BORDER?”

  1. I now only have my swiss identity card. The other documents are no longer valid. And if you have to make a run for it, jump the plane for Switzerland, we can always put up a couple of beds in the cellar somewhere. I am not sure about the dogs, Tabby said no, cats first. You get them everywhere.

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  2. Just got our passports renewed for 10 years. They should be here in about a week. Whenever old man winter shows up I want to be ready to beat it out of here.


    1. I just had to do my driver’s license. You want to know about ugly???

      On the other hand, Garry hated his license ID picture, but the other day he looked at it and decided … “You know,” he said. “That doesn’t look all that bad. Actually not bad at all.” Times change.

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  3. Here in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, I live close enough to the border that I could throw a snowball into Canada, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have advised me that doing so would be considered a hostile action. I certainly don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize my escape, if (when?) it becomes imperative.

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  4. I must look for my passport. I haven’t seen it in a while and although I won’t need it for nearly a year it makes me uneasy not knowing where it is. I carry a British passport and it was a hassle to get it as you now have to apply online and then send the ID documents to England as they no longer do it in Canberra.


    1. I always get twitchy about passports. Having lived abroad, a passport is a very big deal. I think I’ve lived through a lot of political turmoil and several wars, so I’m sure anything could happen. Without a passport, your goose could be so easily cooked.

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  5. I can not recall how many officials demanded my passport on my recent trip. When I went through security in the Dublin airport, they told me to go get in another line because I was American. I had to show my passport to American security and go through metal detection again, about 100 feet from the Irish security. “Yes, I am an American. Yes, this is my passport. Yes, I have been on vacation.” They have a permanent presence in Dublin and some other foreign airports. Thank god I did not lose my passport in the few feet from the Irish security to the Americans. If they made me stay in Dublin, I guess I would have gone to the Guinness factory.


    1. Passports are weird. You ONLY get one and if you lose it, replacing it outside the US is a HUGE deal. People get stuck for years because they don’t have a passport. And if it gets stolen … well. Guiness. Good work there. Nice drinks.

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  6. A run for the border? Are things there THAT bad?? I’ve heard Mike Flynn is willing to dish the dirt in exchange for immunity from prosecution? Surely that’s a sign for some hope – yes? Did you see my post “Brace Yourself”?


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  7. I don’t need one. Haven’t you heard? HE has built a secret WALL between Washington State and Canada. There is no getting through from either direction. It was secret retribution for our status as a Sanctuary state…and for SUING his ass!!


      1. You do realize I was only sort of kidding. But we do keep hearing stories on local public radio about categories of people not being admitted into Washington from Canada, especially musicians, and certain kinds of authors, even when they have all the required and specific paperwork. One story was about a new Canadian recording group headed to Seattle for a concert and publicity appearances on several radio shows. They held back 3 of the 6 members. Rumor was they had one band member who was of “slight color”, whatever that means! Their story was on one of the NPR story telling segments (Snap Judgement or All things Considered maybe??)



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