It’s only a paper moon …

Imagine, if you will, living in your native land. It’s a country where one terrible president can somehow undo the work of all forty-four presidents who preceded him! Where suddenly, you and your nation are not the “good guys.” The world has a darker hue … and it’s only 124 days (or something close to that).

Is this some kind of record?Imagine seeing years of vigilance in combating racism and discrimination vanish like smoke before your eyes.

Decades of fighting to reach any accord to deal with the frightening effects of climate change, then seeing them tossed overboard for no  reason. Imagine a president who not only encourages a foreign power to hack our elections, but is subsequently subject to blackmail by the same Russian. In public. On television.

And all of this in fewer than five months since election! Hard to imagine? So now, just imagine how we feel about it!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “IMAGINE, IF YOU WILL …”

  1. And he continues. I thought they kept people like that locked up and dress them in nice white clothes with padlocks to stop them breaking out. Oh, sorry, he is the one that locks up the others I suppose.

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    1. I really know exactly what you mean. We are having a hard time believing we are living in this place that was not supposed to ever be like this. All my mother’s paranoia about the arrival of the Fascists … I’m so glad she didn’t live to see this.

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      1. The thing I can’t stand is that every American over the age of 55 is direct beneficiary of the New Deal, the War on Poverty when those programs were fully funded. If I read one more story about a disabled Trump voter on food stamps and disability who suddenly regrets his vote I’ll scream!


        1. Personally, I’m REALLY pissed at all those sort-of Democrats who didn’t bother to vote because it’s not important. I want to go to each one and ask them if they plan to vote next time. I don’t know how we landed here. WE VOTE. And we have paid our dues and then some.

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          1. Here is how I mitigate my rage:

            I remember that Putin’s propaganda attack strikes at the core of democratic systems: and that is the faith that we can evolve into a more just people.

            History justifies this faith, it is a fact that in the United States more people gain the right to fair treatment before the law with every decade.

            I remember when a same-sexuality was universally illegal; within my lifetime 2017, same sex
            couples can marry.

            Putin pushes a brand of nihilism that argues that all systems are equally corrupt, that Western Democracy is decadent, that all people are out for themselves, and there is no such thing as virtue.

            Imagine the words and sociopathic arrogance of Ayn Rand as a weapon that attacks reason and the soul: There is no virtue in that which does not serve the self.

            Recall that the first WikiLeaks happened during the DNC.

            Putin’s plan was to use them to split progressives, especially Bernie supporters who had legitimate grievances with Democrats and their refusal to fight back against the unjust economic policies of the GOP.

            The Kremlin backed DNC leaks were designed to promote the narrative that Democrats were just as corrupt as Republicans and that a vote for none of the above was the best way to slap the system.

            A strong component of this message included the idea that Clinton would win anyway so your vote doesn’t count.

            That is never true.

            Bit, some Bernie supporters bought it, why wouldn’t they? It was the narrative pushed by the mainstream press.

            What no one discussed was that during the convention Sanders and Clinton worked together to create the most progressive Democratic Platform in over a generation.

            They were going to restore some of the best elements of Roosevelt’s New Deal.

            These facts were lost in the torrent of lies sent out from the Putin/Trump campaign.

            None of this would have worked had there not been cracks already in the system.

            Putin merely exploited the anger and cynicism bred by the 2000 elections and the woefully under investigated Invasion of Iraq.


            1. I think what we find so depressing is how much of what we built up is being torn apart while we watch — and there’s nothing we can do. We are not merely getting old. We ARE old. We served our time. Things were going — I thought — not bad. We finally had something almost like medical care for nearly everyone. The river is getting cleaner, gay people have rights. We aren’t rich, but we get by.

              All through the election, I was afraid Trump would win. I kept saying it and EVERYONE told me it was impossible. I didn’t think it was impossible, but it was less traumatic to hope they were right.

              Even when he won, I didn’t think he would be THIS bad. Not this profoundly ugly, racist, ignorant … and stupid. With zero understanding of the law, of the constitution … or anything. I doubt he’s ever read a history book … or maybe any book.

              That the U.S. could be so self-absorbed as to allow a nutter like this to sit in the oval office is beyond words. We didn’t vote for him, but other Americans DID. It makes me ill to know we have that many stupidly ignorant people who have learned nothing and never will.

              This too shall pass. I am working under the assumption that life will normalize. I hope i’m still alive when it happens. I do not want this to be the last president I see in office.

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              1. The best thing we can do is understand that until he’s not president, the operative we call the president has the full power of the Federal Government.

                If we want him out, every person who cares about this Nation must call his or her representatives every single day.


                  1. Yes…though from what I read of the investigative journalists on Twitter the plan is to slowly strip him of all protection. They even predicted the possibility of violent Active Measures as they get ready to close in.


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