Share Your World – June 6, 2017

What’s your strongest sense?

If imagination and curiosity don’t count as senses, then I’ll have to go with sight. Of my senses, it gets the most use by far. My hearing is decent too. Not as good as it was when I was younger, but for my age, better than most. Compared to my husband, it’s fantastic. These days, I do miss the soft sounds like the beeping of a machine, the buzz of the washer or dryer in the basement. Small sounds were louder quite recently Only during the last year have they started to become hard to hear.

Oh well. At least I see pretty well. Actually, according to the eye doctor, excellent. That’s something, right?

Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)

That would depend. I am a relentless, hyper-active, powerful sneezer. Once I get started, I keep going until Garry has to run screaming from the room and the dogs are outside, looking for some peace and quiet. Otherwise, maybe Doc. I always seem to have a fix for something or other.

If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be?

As long as I get to keep my current brain, I’d go with 30. Strong, agile, but past the bubble-headed twenties. But having a 30-year-old brain? No, I don’t think so. I’d rather be physically old than mentally young. I don’t know why people think old people aren’t smart. It’s the smartest part of life.

List of jobs you think you might enjoy: even if you aren’t thinking about a career change, it can be fun to think of other jobs you might enjoy.  [Remember:  This is SYW where even your dreams can become reality.]

I will take retirement, thank you, regardless of whatever job preceded it. I could be a retired actress. Then everyone would want to listen to my stories. Whatever I was, just give me retirement. And a computer, so I can write. Quality cameras, books, movies, dogs, a couple of good friends. And Garry.

Otherwise, I’m very down with not working.

26 thoughts on “I’LL TAKE RETIREMENT”

      1. Strongest sense: Smell.
        Age: I’ll almost ditto Marilyn. Current brain and 30-35 year old physical body.
        Job: Retirement is pretty good. I’ve already seen and done a lot. Let me watch beisbol, old movies and
        spend quality time with Marilyn and our furry kids. Maybe I’ll yet write “the book”. Maybe.


  1. I get sneezing attacks as well. I suppose it depends on the sneeze decibels and mine are quite high as well. Retirement – the best job and you even get paid for it.


    1. I am a loud sneezer. I think it makes Garry’s hearing aids buzz or squeal. Sometimes, the dogs stand in front of me, watching me sneeze, then looking at each other. You can see them wondering what’s really going on … and is there a cookie likely to come out of this?


    1. On HBO last night, there was a show called “If I’m Not in the Obituaries, I’ll have breakfast.” Put together by Carl Reiner and his pack of 90+ friends. No one would mind having a young body, but NO ONE wants a young brain. Interesting. Oh, and a fun show to watch!

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    1. I was just going by that list they make of the senses, but I’m cool about including anything that seems to fit! If you bag imagination into the collection, the world really does belong to us.


  2. Truth be told, perhaps I am grumpy, but I am also happy, just depends on who you’re talking to. My husband would probably say grumpy, because he is hard of hearing, so I have to raise my voice and repeat things, and he also speaks louder, makes me think he is yelling. We were out with friends last night, this conversation about being hard of hearing was discussed, and called it a disability that needs more patience and understanding, and consideration when speaking to them…it is frustrating for both parties.
    The work that I would enjoy is fashion and beauty related, perhaps I could do makeup, and choose a wardrobe for others, be a personal shopper, or do make-overs, and style others.
    The age I would like to be is 38, not too old, and not too young, perfect for me. Knowing what I do now, and making changes along the way in important aspects of my life, not thought to be at that time, would certainly make my older life much better, and retirement would look much more inviting. Regardless of the things I do, or don’t have for retirement to be a wonderful time, I am still looking forward to it, and I am not concerned with the “what ifs” last night we spoke about retirement as well, as both of our friends are, and my husband is retired. It seems most of our friends are retired, nobody really complains about it. They mentioned that they got more done when they were working, because time was limited, with working full time, and now they just think it can get done tomorrow, so put things off more. I am disappointed when retirees complain they don’t do things. I also think retirement isn’t for babysitting, and watching TV all day either, it seems several of our friends do that.
    I will wait on the retirement thing until I feel I can’t physically go to work at all, I may not continue to do nursing, but certainly I’d like to work in a happy/fun environment, like fashion/beauty related, maybe with older ladies like myself. We are still interested in looking good, and want to continue to feel, and look good as we age, being stylish and continuing to be beautiful at any age isn’t something we forget about, especially if you enjoyed it in your earlier years. I have already told my hairdresser, and family/friends to make sure I am looking good until I am put in the ground.


    1. Garry is profoundly hard of hearing too and yes, it takes a LOT of patience. He frequently misunderstands the words. He wants me to speak up, but then he thinks I’m yelling at him. It makes simple communications difficult. We work at it and now he is checking out whether or not a cochlear implant might work for him. We will see. We have reservations about it, but you don’t know much until you check.

      I’m finished with my professional career. It doesn’t mean I’m finished doing stuff. I still write — I don’t think you can retire from writing. It’s not a “job.” It’s just something you do because it’s part of you. Pictures too. That was never my profession, but it has stuck with me from when I was pretty young through today.

      I am very happy NOT working by which I mean NOT having a boss. NOT being tied to office hours or commuting. NOT having to collect money for work I’ve done. NOT having to be nice to annoying people because I work with them. When I had to work for a living, I did it and I worked hard at it, but I am grateful now to be where I am.

      It’s a gift, retirement. Not unlike being a kid, but an adult kid 🙂


  3. In a strange way, younger and a little dumber appeals to me. Sorta gives you something to look forward to, that is, if you’re smart enough to see it. Now, I’m totally confused. What did I just say? Crap!


      1. So he didn’t enjoy it?.., heard you were rolling around in stitches. So you must have liked it? I think she’s a total hoot. She just thinks different, kinda like Paula Poundstone…, DIFFERENT!


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