Today is one lovely early summer’s day. After all the cold and rain, this is the kind of day you hope for. It’s the first beautiful day in a quite a while.

It’s also the day James Comey — America’s former FBI Director — is giving live-on-television testimony about his relationship with America’s president. We are expecting a great television experience.

For a goodly number of us, it brings back nostalgic waves of memory for the Good Old Days of Dick Nixon and Watergate which oddly, doesn’t seem like nearly as big a deal now as it did then. Time puts everything into perspective.  I do not have my popcorn ready because it is too early in the morning for anything quite that salty and crunchy.

Later, after the Big Show, I’m sure I’ll have something more to say on the subject. Or not. It’s hard to know how I’ll feel. Later.

To keep your visually occupied,  these are some very crisp photographs I created last night while I was messing around with pictures. That’s what I do while there’s stuff on television in which I’m not terribly interested. I go through the files of pictures from the past few months to see what I’ve shot, but never did anything about.

These were originally photographs of young, leafy oak trees on a very bright day in May.

I love shooting upward towards the sun, but I’m never sure what to do with the pictures. Unless there’s a special set of clouds or birds or something, well. There are just so many pictures of leafy trees that anyone needs, so I wanted to find something different for these.

I think I would call these pictures crisp. Let me know what you think. They are a highly filtered form of line drawing or sketch. I think I like them.

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9 replies

  1. Crispy trees…, smoochy politics


    • Garry and I watched the testimony beginning to end. So it was weird listening to the commentators who i would swear had NOT watched it. With each new commentator, the story got bigger. If I hadn’t watched it myself, I’d have thought there was some kind of explosion of astounding information. There was not. I know they aren’t the lying media, but sometimes, they aren’t the honest media, either.


  2. They do look crispy. Keep us posted about the shenanigans.


  3. I like your crispy trees very much. Sounds like an exciting TV day in the States. GB are having generaly elections, so may the best lady/man win – they don’t really have a big choice.


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