There are several meanings to the word “visceral,” but only one seems something that has anything to do with me. That would be when the word is relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. Like when Gibbs says he “feels in his gut his crime has not yet been solved.” That’s visceral.

Personally, it’s more how I feel about people in my world as in, “The voters’ visceral fear of change” (probably referring to how on earth we elected Trump). Or “An instinctual survival response,” that is, how come we have armed militias hiding in the hills of Idaho and Montana convinced they are going to be attacked by the gubmint.

I’m not especially visceral. I’m a thinker. A meandering mental worrier and more than a bit obsessive. I only get visceral if someone make me feel physically threatened or creepy … or the dogs don’t like him or her. Or the fish is bad.

I trust the dogs. Normally, they like everyone. If the canines think someone is worrisome, I trust the dogs.

Today is going to be The Day of the Door. Owen and Dave will be here shortly to get the installation started. Garry and I are fueling up on coffee. It’s will be a long, sticky day. I don’t know if I’m going to get back to the computer until very late, maybe this evening after the work is done.

If you don’t hear from me until a lot later … you know where I am.

Viscerally replacing our front door. Finally.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

37 thoughts on “FEELING A BIT VISCERAL?”

    1. They were waiting for the end of mosquito and black fly season. Right now, NO door, partly to let the sill dry and to go buy the pieces they need to finish it. So far, so good. The floor will have to wait for another day. And so will painting.

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      1. It’s a real relief having that stuff done. I hated the process and have had an overall crappy summer, but I have a new roof, a new door and a fence that Bear can probably not get through. I have the drains in my kitchen working and the sewer lined cleaned out. All that’s left is making sure the furnace turns on. πŸ™‚ I’m glad it’s dry enough up there now for the sill to dry out. ❀


        1. They just dried the sill with a heat gun. The floor still needs doing, but that can be done in the winter, so it’ll wait. Yes, it HAS been a crappy summer, but we’ll have a door and a water heater and with a little luck, all the other things that need doing will give use a break until we have recovered a bit financially. We’re really poor right now.

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          1. Me too. I’m hoping my refi comes out well so I can pay at least for the garage roof and door and at least end the summer or more less in the same shape I started it. I finally went to the doctor today — a different doctor and I liked her even though she will graduate from kindergarten next year πŸ˜‰ She listened to me, and examined me and prescribed the right meds. I’m astonished at how the antibiotics are packaged (only an idiot could get it wrong) now and how few days I have to take them. I’m hopeful that finally I’ll be able to breathe and smell things and sleep at night. I have really hated this whole summer but I can’t say I’m glad it’s coming to an end. I would like a chance to enjoy it! πŸ™‚


            1. We got the door in. I was thinking of a loan, too, but I really don’t want to go down that road if I can avoid it. But we are very low in funds and I don’t see any way out of it right now. One more thing goes wrong, and a loan will be unavoidable. The Scotties don’t like having the doggy door in a different place. Duke doesn’t care. Scotties hate change.

              I’m glad you found a doctor you like. They ALL look like third graders these days.

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              1. πŸ™‚ The refi is happening, but no great lump of cash, still, a lower house payment and lower interest rate so I can pay it down more quickly. And it’s a better loan than I had. Already the new roof and door paid off in terms of an FHA loan.

                I so glad the new door is in!!!!

                Bear doesn’t like change either. It’s kind of annoying and it feels like my life is in her control. πŸ™‚ Wait, it is.


                  1. πŸ˜€ Right? Bear doesn’t play games with my mind, thank goodness. I just know she wants something I can’t give her and she is willing to compromise so she can be with me and Dusty. Tomorrow I’m taking her out to the slough, just the two of us. ❀


  1. Have fun with the door, just keep it on the surface, no good getting too visceral about it, whatever the meaning is. I don’t do visceral, never have, much too complicated. I don’t understand myself sometimes.


    1. If I understand any more of me, I will never sleep again. I already understand too much for comfort. The door is IN, but the doggy door is going in now and I’m trying not to listen until it’s finished. Listening to work in progress makes me twitch.


    1. It is installed as is the doggy door. It needs to be painted and then it needs the trim put up. We have a hurricane coming up the coast, so we need to try to get at least the outside painted before the storm hits. I’m hoping we can get it done over the weekend. The painting is easy, but all the taping around the windows is a bitch. Red door outside. Green (antique) inside. We are SO tired.


  2. Yay! You have a new door and so do Duke, Bonnie and Gibbs ( they’ll get over it….e-ven-tu-all-ly) πŸ™‚

    Hope you got a good night’s sleep and you’re feeling less visceral today! And hope the hurricane goes elsewhere and misses Mass.



    1. We are exhausted. And we still have to paint it — soon — before the heavy rains. The hurricane likely won’t hit us, but the rain probably will. It’s been a very rainy year, which is good … but the door won’t deal well with heavy rain without any paint. So that’s the next job on the agenda. But the door looks great and the choice of more glass was, I think, a good one.


  3. I’m feeling more visceral with each passing day. I look to my dog for sanity. Too bad our dogs weren’t on the stage in Phoenix the other night to show the world their growls and bared teeth!


            1. Well. There were two popes, one in Rome, the other in Avignon. There were roaming bandits back from the Crusades burning and pillaging throughout Europe. The Black Death was full throttle. So many people died, there weren’t enough people to farm, so there was also starvation. Oh, yes, I forgot: insane inflation. Much of what we consider central government was invented to deal with the catastrophes of that century. It was actually much worse than now. Have you seen “The Seventh Seal” — Ingmar Bergman’s tale of the 14th century? It’s every historians most fascinating century.


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