This  is our anniversary. Number 27. There’s a special gift that goes with 27. Not gold, diamonds, silver, or other expensive metals. No, this is the “sculpture” anniversary. I was thinking a really large bronze or something in stone.

Otherwise, we are considering trying out a new Chinese restaurant in Whitinsville. For you non-locals, you may pronounce that “white-enz-ville.” Emphasis on the “white.”

There is no “wit” in the valley. The Whitens family were big mill owners and the pronunciation remains with us forever.

This particular restaurant is brand, spanking new. We know this because we got their publicity mailer only yesterday. Having been here such a short time, there’s an off-chance they’ll retain memories of how to cook Chinese food in a Chinese manner. New restaurants are pretty good for a couple of months, until everyone starts to complain how the food is too spicy.  Too spicy can mean the chef uses alien spices, like ginger and garlic. Even regular ground black pepper is viewed as a potential dangerous intruder to our local culinary style. Flavorful? We hope.

Today will be a largely a non-electronic day. We’ll be out most of the afternoon and possibly, if dinner works out, a piece of the evening.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Maybe we’ll go buy a sculpture after all. A really big, extremely heavy bronze — or maybe solid granite. Something weighty enough to take out the front end of a snow plow. With its hands outstretched to hold a plaque with our address on it.

Thus finally, the FEDEX guy will stop delivering our packages to the neighbors, though not necessarily from tossing them into snowdrifts where I won’t find them until next spring.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. In my experience, nothing will stop Fedex men or women from delivering your packages to the neighbors! Happy 27. Let us know how dinner goes/went. As for real Chinese food, I’m sure I’ve only had American-Chinese food.


    1. Dral, the “new” restaurant was a no-go. Long waiting line. We wound up at our “back up” Japanese Restaurant. Turned out to be a MARVELOUS dinner at reasonable prices. We enjoyed ourselves. Sashimi — 15 pieces. And, I ate a few pieces of Marilyn’s dinner, Yummy!!!!

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  2. Wishing you both a great evening and hope the food is good, but who needs spice, you are both spicy enough I am sure – at least that is what I tell Mr. Swiss about us when he says my food resembles hospital dishes with too little salt in it. Have a scupture commissioned showing you both with the dogs and put it in the driveway. You will be the talk of the town.

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    1. Mrs. Swiss, Marilyn’s chinese food is top notch, better than what they offer at local restaurants. But this was a night OUT. It was very enjoyable.

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  3. We spent our 25th (a few weeks ago) taking pictures and eating out. Everyone thought it was an odd choice to go hiking for the day. I am glad you finally found great Chinese food, they must have opened just for your 27th! That is a nice gift.


  4. Belated happy 27th Anni you two 🙂

    27 is a very auspicious number in Asian culture – three Nines! 999.

    Sorry you missed the opening but hopefully you can find the ‘Golden Time’ between the lines shortening and the spices disappearing! 😉 Maybe 9/9 18 keeping up with the 3 nines theme? ( but that would be your 28th by then?)

    Love the pictures here. 🙂



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