Author Gordon Winter, Garry, and pet chickens

Do you think chickens worry whether they or their egg came first? Do chickens look worried? They certainly are easily ruffled and they do a lot of clucking around the chicken yard.

Do they wonder if they hatch an egg, if it is out of order, it will be a motherless chick? Or they will be a chickless mother hen? That seems a lot of thoughts for one chicken.

It’s right up there with hoping my dogs would notice that it was the end of Daylight Savings Time today, so they could sleep later. Because the Two-leggers had done something with clocks. Would you be surprised that the dogs were completely oblivious to the change in time? Lord knows how they will deal with dinner being an hour late!



DUKE THE DOGGE: What’s a clock?

MOM THE NOT-DOGGE: It’s a measurement of time, Duke.



DUKE THE DOGGE: What’s a time?

MOM THE NOT-DOGGE: It’s the not-happening between this thing happening and the next thing happening.



DUKE THE DOGGE: What thing? Am I a thing?

MOM THE NOT-DOGGE: You’re a dog. I suppose that’s sort of a sort-of thing.

DUKE THE DOGGE: Am I happening?

MOM THE NOT-DOGGE: Constantly, Duke. All the time. You are the most happening thing in our world.

I’m going to make eggs for dinner. Cheese omelets with a side of home fries. Maybe I’ll throw in a few onions too. Do mother chicks mourn their eggs? That’s another philosophical debate for a different Sunday morning.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Heh. Very concise description of dogs and their view of human constructs… not to mention chickens and eggs. Animals (including chickens, although I know they are fowl) have it over on humans. So much less stress…

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    1. Em, those feathered kids were met in a brief encounter during our ’90 honeymoon in the old country, Ireland. They liked their coffee like their men, BLACK.

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  2. I think dogs – and cats, don’t do time, they just do eat. My mum always said if your have eggs and potatoes you can always knock up a fried egg with chips – cockney logic. My feline doesn’t really care what came first, as long as the birds arrive punctually – she is a real nature girl. And thanks for the information. I though the states have changed the times because my daily prompt arrived today normally and not an hour earlier. Not that it bothered my cat. she always has a full bowl.

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    1. My dogs were up promptly. The clock said “NO NO NO TOO EARLY” but the dogs needed their morning biscuit. They make such a racket, it’s easier to go out and give them each a biscuit then try and fight the clunking and woofing and huffing and puffing in the hallway. They are not happy with the weather, either. They like sunshine. So all dogs are sleeping — except Duke — who is staring out the window, waiting for a hint of sunshine.

      The seasons are rolling along.

      I’ve gotten VERY cockney about dinner. A few eggs, a bit of cheese and potato and voila, dinner. Garry LOVES breakfast — but not for breakfast. It’s much too big a meal to chow down at breakfast.

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    1. “The Egg and I” (IParamount/’47) Claudette Colbert/Fred MacMurray with Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride debuting as Ma & Pa Kettle.

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  3. Whoever invented daylight savings time definitely did not have any pets. Poor things, they didn’t sign on for this manmade timekeeping regulation. Come to think of it, I didn’t either…


    1. The dogs went bonkers yesterday when their dinner was — in their minds — half an hour late. I finally gave up and fed them. They were running around whimpering and clearly sure that the good old days were over and no one would EVER feed them again. Now, minds at rest they wait for the NEXT meal. Will it happen? On time? Film at 6!

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