DUBIOUS – an adjective about which you may hold much conjecturing.

Dubious is an adjective — as in hesitating or doubting — not to be relied upon. It also means suspect as in “extremely dubious assumptions.” Add it that suspicious, untrustworthy, unreliable, questionable and just for kicks, morally suspect.

That would pretty much sum up our government these days. I’ve been assured by others that their government is no less dubious or morally suspect than ours, but I defy any government to be more hugely, gigantically, and outrageously dubious that the current American version. Australia may have lost more than half its governing body because (it turns out) they weren’t actually Australians — and Canada may have significant doubts about what Trudeau is really doing “up there,” but for pure blowhard untrustworthiness and morally suspicious behavior, it would be hard to top The Big Donald.

He sort of has it all wrapped up. When he talks, it’s not merely double-talk. It’s also blatheringly meaningless random words strung together without a subject, object, verb … or an end. Not not to mention illiterate, but I think I can safely say that our president is the most illiterate guy to ever hold high office, at least in the past two or three centuries. He is also suspicious, suspect, untrustworthy, unreliable, questionable and I think we’ve passed “morally suspect” and moved on to degenerate.

Anyone want to argue the point?

So while the rest of the you may indeed be in trouble, I defy any country anywhere to be in worse trouble than we are. Your governments may be crap, but ours is crappier.

Just saying. Among the dubious, we are the most absolutely potentially terrifyingly dubious of all. Yay America!


  1. I dunno. I think Somalia is fairly effed… I just wish this nightmare were over and all the people who support him suddenly awoke one day realizing they’ve been had. I wish a REAL leader would emerge from the slough of dubious ethics and greed. I’m amazed that now the Repubs (led by Sessions) want to start another investigation, this time into the Dems. They are so blind they think this is a partisan issue when it isn’t.


    • No, it’s just like Trump said. We’re winning so much we’re tired of all that winningness. We’re winning the race to destroy the air, the water, the rivers … to strip health care from everyone who needs it … AND we’re waving nukes at North Korea. No one does stupid better than WE do.

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  2. Dubious also as in: ‘Not to be believed’!

    If enough people do not believe in him – or a single lying word he spouts – then he will vanish in a puff of orange smoke never to be seen or heard from again!

    Repeat after me… “There’s no place like Home… There’s No Place Like Home… There’s No Place Like Home! (and there IS NO Donald Trump.)

    We have nothing to lose but the Loser himself! 😉


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