Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: SWEET

And all of the good stuff goes particularly well with coffee!

Home made pound cake … it’s a razor’s edge from being lethal!

Banana bread

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  1. There is nothing in the world that doesn’t go well with coffee.

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  2. I love making banana bread. A loaf is gone as immediately as it leaves the oven, roflmao. Everyone here loves it and with 8 people, well, it just goes fast! I am not a sweet tooth person either. When I bake, it’s usually something healthier than cake or pie. Although birthdays of course are the exception. I’ll make a cake every now and again for those occasions. But that looks really yummy.

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  3. Great winter comfort foods. I love coffee and banana bread anytime, too 🙂


  4. I have reduced my sweet intake due to my diabetes and have got used to,using less sugar over time


    • I’ve got hypo-glycemia, so ditto. I use fake sugar in coffee and Garry has pre-diabetes too, so there’s not a lot of sweet stuff. Every once in a while, I get an urge to bake something. Banana bread or corn bread, typically … neither of which are particularly sweet. I don’t really MISS sweets, either. Which is funny, because when I was younger, I adored chocolate. Funny how tastes change, isn’t it?

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      • You can take cinnamon. I use a product, from Natrol, that contains Cinnamon, Chromium & Biotin to help the body naturally process sugar. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years after I was told I was pre-diabetic. I’ve been good ever since. There are many ways to skin this cat.

        Avoid Metformin and other diabetes meds with bad side effects if you can.


        • The ONLY place I use sugar replacement is in coffee. Anywhere else, i use sugar because you can’t bake with fake sugar, no matter what anyone says. Sugar isn’t just a flavor. it’s also a texture. We deal with the sugar issue by not eating it. I buy 5 lbs of sugar and it lasts me years. I wind up throwing it away because it has become hard as a rock.


          • Well if you use the cinnamon combo, I mentioned, you won’t have to worry about the sugar so much. I personally can’t stand the plastic, chemical, sugar substitutes which attack your liver, kidneys and other internal organs. So even tho I really like sweet things I have cut down my intake drastically which has its own benefits, one of which is I have become really sensitive to overly sweet things. So, my intake is rather moderately conservative, and NO chemicals. I even hate the taste of Stevia which is supposedly derived from natural sources. I read somewhere that Agave isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. I also read that Honey is metabolized differently so is healthier, or so the statement proclaimed. Won’t touch aspartame so no “yellow”, “pink” or “blue” packages in restaurants. Ditto, 5 lbs of sugar (usually “raw” or “turbinado”) will last me a long, long time, years.


      • Funny, indeed. I still love those salty pretzels.


  5. Looking good Marilyn. We have a galactobourico for dessert. We’ll probably go out for dinner.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


  6. This looks great and is sending me to rummage in the kitchen for good stuff. Thanks (maybe)–

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    • I don’t have a lot of sweet stuff in the house. First because Garry is a very limited sweets eater. A little goes a long way for him. And I don’t need the pounds. But I love fruit and this time of year, it’s hard to find any good fresh fruit. The stuff they are sending up from Florida and California is pretty pathetic when we get it. So much of it is also obvious GMO’d that it doesn’t even LOOK like fruit used to look — or taste like it either. So I have dried fruit and a few cookies. Unless I get inspired to bake.

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      • We are not big sweeters–my husband has diabetic tendencies and I just don’t like it anymore. I would rather have something like fruit or dark chocolate with very little sugar added, or organic oatmeal with a little coconut sugar or something. I do like pooundcake, lemon especially, and I used to love good buttercream icing on cake, but I just don’t really bother with it now. Yuck for gmo stuff–so bad and so poisonous.


        • None of us really KNOW that the GMO stuff is poisonous but we all suspect that there’s something seriously amok with food that no longer looks like it should — or tastes like it either. The strawberries these days are huge and tasteless — and they go bad in 24 hours. the oranges have a skin so heavy, by the time you peel them, there’s no fruit left. So you are paying for the peel, really. Grapefruit is SMALLER than the GMO oranges. That’s just not right. It may not be poisonous, but it certainly doesn’t taste very good.


          • Well, I do get inflamed and ill when I have gmo wheat, but not when I have organic, so to me that is a confirmation there is something bad for me. By poisonous I mean not-right, having bad effects on the organism and environment. It has not been a good experiment with this planet and inhabitants, I feel.


            • I know that the GMO fruit spoils twice as fast as “real” fruit and tastes half as good. It has never, to the best of my knowledge, actually poisoned me … but there’s immediate and then there’s long term. I tend to wonder if the food value is there, too. When they strip out other things, how much of the nutrition goes with it? One way or the other, food looked normal and tasted a lot better a few years ago. I even understand why they do it. It isn’t only profit … it it also to make places that usually won’t grow this crop more amenable to the altered new seeds … but that doesn’t make it healthy. In essence, I’m with you.


      • BUT…I absolutely LOVE your pound cake! Wearing Yoga Pants can be deceptive…..



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