I had two things I wanted to post, but they are so different in mood and appearance, they seemed to need different posts. These are pictures from the Baseball Museum in Cooperstown. Probably doesn’t mean much to anyone who comes from a country where baseball isn’t played, but if you are a baseball fan, it’s a big deal. Garry and I are fans. Garry is a very serious fan. I’m a “heavy lightweight” in the fan department.

Old bats used by Gill Hodges, Garry’s special favorite old Dodger hitter.

We’ve been to the museum twice. I don’t know if we will get there again, but it is a lot of fun and  in a beautiful location in upstate New York.

Red Sox back in time. It looks little different than new equipment — or clothing. Baseball doesn’t change much — not like other games.

Lacking cathedrals, I will have to settle for other things. “American” old isn’t like European or Middle Eastern “old.” Comparatively speaking, white culture is new and Native culture that can be photographed is rare in this area. We lack castles and cathedrals — so we everything we have to show is “relatively” old. Compared to “now.”


16 thoughts on “TRACES OF THE PAST – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 25 – Part II

  1. I like your take on the theme, Marilyn. True, baseball does not mean anything to me, but I like seeing those chaps in outfits waving the bats. Very nicely captured. Thank you!


    • Fenway is defintely a cathedral as is Wrigley…as was Ebbets Field.

      The pilgrimage begins in a few days.


    • I think Little League may be the most important part of baseball these days … and the only one most people can afford. Then, of course, there are minor league games which are much less expensive. We may try them this summer. The stadium is quite close to home, too.


  2. Don’t worry Marilyn. Once us Canadians get control of Baseball we’ll start changing everything – with absolutely no respect for what Baseball means to American Culture, History, or Heritage – But for the ONLY important reason: MONEY !!!! After all Baseball is really just a business, right? And in following the ethic of the Hockey Owners, we won’t ask you about anything. After all, you are just the Fans – your opinion is not wanted or important. We Own Baseball and we will decide what it’s going to be. Forever !!!
    Garry/Marilyn -Forgive for going off topic, but I want you to understand I’m so vehemently angry about what’s being done to Hockey. It’s not right.

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    • You’re right. That seems to be what’s going on in ALL sports. But I think baseball is the worst. They have made it both ridiculously expensive to go to games and almost AS expensive to merely watch it on television.

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    • Eh? Eh? Hah-KEE?? Just put the damn puck in the net, Pilgrim! Why are you so lathered up? I guess I missed the hockey story because I’m so focused on beisbol.


      • HAAA I hear that. Unfortunately it’s never been just a Game to us – as Baseball has never been just a Game to you. It’s (was) part of our Culture – our identity. Not for long.


        • I really know what you mean. Even when I wasn’t a big baseball fan, I understood how important it was. It’s woven into the fabric of our lives. It has history. But now, it is so much about money, I wonder where new fans will come from. Who can even afford to go see a game?


          • They call the NEW HOCKEY Marilyn – and likely the New Baseball. It’s not aimed at you and me. It’s for rich people – who likely have never played ANYTHING – but who sit in the stands playing with their Smart (?) phones. They don’t care about you and me – that is why never ask anything. The Fans have no say. It really is sad.


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