What Happens In One Lifetime?

This seemed particularly appropriate for this birthday.
At age 71 — what happened? How many hours for how many different activities?  I think I’ve had fewer baths and far more Netflix!

In a lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill anywhere between 180 to 360 bathtubs, cry 1745 times, and make 146,801,613 steps. This video from AsapSCIENCE takes a dive into things most of us will accomplish during our trips around the Sun. It’s pretty amazing.

Video via – AsapSCIENCE
Further Readings And References:WHOLWW, and The Telegraph

20 thoughts on “What Happens In One Lifetime?

  1. Some of their conclusions ARE a little off, and they say “Equally as fun” which is egregious (they’ll learn that word in a few years, but certainly before they’re 60 and can’t learn any new verbiage).


  2. one objection on the video: ‘the average 20-60 year old learns about 1-2 words per day: after that you learn less”. The reason given, our brains are deteriorating. I object to this reasoning. If we have learned that many ‘new words’ in forty years (that figures out to 700-1000 a YEAR and upwards of 40 thousand words in forty years–so by the time you’re 60 you have probably learned about as many words as you need, and if you choose to learn new ones you are reduced to zymurgy and Xanac as part of your vocabulary. And anyone who reads, well, I’d say the number learned might be even higher.

    That is, btw, a very cool video. Fun to watch. Bath time will never be quite the same, however.

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