Circles and squares in squares. What could be simpler?

The keyboard of my life

Seeking squares and circles for the month of March!

Squaring the SQUAREs IN MARCH


  1. Interesting effects on the keyboard keys. Either it’s a close-up of a well-worn keyboard or you creatively superimposed winter’s bare tree branches onto the keys. Or maybe something entirely different.


    1. I think I was trying to show the usage patterns in the keyboard. I use my keyboard SO much, they wear out. In less than a year, I usually have a couple of keys that have NO paint left on them! All of these are going to go in the near future and the keyboard is only a year and a half old.

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    1. Hiya it’s a quarterly square photo challenge. So the photos always have to be a square shape. Then each quarter there is a new theme.

      This quarter is squares and circles, so we have multiple squares. Do visit my blog to discover more πŸ˜€

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    2. I think, if I got it right, that the picture itself needs to be square and something in that square needs to be square (ish) or round (ish). Or both. So it’s a square surrounding square or circles. I have let it slip into some things that are more oblong and sort of round. Because it’s a whole month and there are lots of rounds and squares, but i get tired of entirely round or square and yearn for other shapes πŸ˜€ It’s a BeckyB prompt. I should mention it, but I keep copying from one post to the next, so if I forget in one post, it gets forgotten in the next one too. I’m getting lazy, I think.


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